15 Adorably Shameful Dog Confessions


Dog-shaming.com is a Tumblr where people post pictures of their pets…and their confessions.  So here are 15 of the best of our furry friends sharing their deepest sins.

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Mommy And Daddy Can't Have Nice Things

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Clearly these dogs should be ashamed of themselves.


  • murph

    You already have the very nicest of ‘things’. 3 fur children who are devoted to loving you, unconditionally!

  • blueflamestudio

    What’s even worse is the filth that people live in…….I couldn’t help but look at all of the dirt in these photos……….the dogs are the least offenders.

  • Joan Randazzo

    We have 18 dogs and yes they do run you over when they get a chance. Our dogs have their couch. and they do not go on the one we use. Very rarely do they poop in the house unless it is diarrah and that is not their fault. We just clean it up and go on with the day. Also not all of them come in the house.

  • Cindy Wilkinson

    Rather have my fur babies than nice things,but they have seriously that are seniors now

  • Shawn Durnell

    Dog 9 is a face of no regrets.

  • Melissa Vars

    Because it smells like my humans/ very comforting..

  • Kerry Koontz

    Is it just me or do none these dogs seemed sha
    med in the least…in fact, several seem quite pleased with themselves.

  • Julie

    A house is not a home without a dog. <3 <3

  • Shelly

    Par for the course puppy #14. Our German Shorthair Pointer is a hunting dog. He refuses to go outside u less he’s working! He will not go into the water he will point ducks and geese, however he will not retrieve them. He waits for daddy to come…. He’s all about bringing home the upland birds though (pheasant, dove, quail, chukar, etc).

  • Shelly

    Our German Shorthair Pointer prefers to make puppy pallets with the laundry. He’s been known to pull stuff out of baskets and arrange it on the floor for his pallet. Silly boy!

  • Constitutional Gal

    But …. you must admit, when the cat is p.o.’d at you, they can make the RUDEST gestures ….. like turning their back to you and lifting a leg to lick ……..

  • Dale_G1

    Amen! Cats bathe themselves with their tongues. Dogs just lick themselves in…certain places…BECAUSE THEY CAN.

  • hoseb

    I love every one of them

  • Amber Rain

    The dog who sleeps in laundry is easy- he/she just likes being surrounded by the scent of their pack. When the dog I grew up with, Rosie, got too old to jump into bed with us we started leaving our coats on the floor, both to soften it and so she could smell us while sleeping.

  • Constitutional Gal

    (pic #6) Be GLAD, people, that he likes the DIRTY laundry……..

  • Constitutional Gal

    (pic #3) If you don’t like bathing the dog …. get a CAT, next time.

  • Constitutional Gal

    (Pic #2) “And I enjoyed every bite!” (no “shame” here!)

  • Silver Badger

    Long haired dogs, like a Bichon, can get fecal matter tangled in their neither regions and need help cleaning.

  • Linda Whisler

    I have 3 small dogs and a cat ,and they are all on heart worm meds, anal checks, LOL, and it’s always something in this house. But my animals love each other so much. They play chase all the time. You will see them chasing the cat one minute, then the cat is chasing all 3 dogs the next. There’s always messes where they tear up a paper or something. It’s not perfect, but neither is life. They are at my side no matter what, My little buddies, and I love em.

  • BettyBoop

    I never knew the issue with anal glands when I had my dog and never even heard the term until a couple years ago. So disgusting. Yes…I am really immature…but I am now a cat person.

  • Marie Campbell-Cross

    Good for you! That is a funny turn of events! Lol!!

  • kchapmans

    My retriever also hates water, just like #14 lol

  • jen

    Dog #8 – As a former teacher, I can confirm that dogs really do eat homework. I took a pile of papers home to correct one night and MY dog ate THEIR homework…(I gave everyone full credit and they cheered. LOL.)

  • Marilyn Willett

    all i see is 3 dogs on a sofa

  • Melissa A Dana

    Dog # 6 shouldn’t be shamed. Dogs have superior olfactory systems and they are very attuned to their owner’s scent. No wonder he’d rather sleep in the owners’ clothes than his doggie bed!

  • Melissa A Dana

    Yup. Often the glands are full and just need to be expressed at the vet (worth the minimal cost vs. doing it yourself at home, yuck!) It amazes me the number of dog owners who don’t know basic things about taking care of their dogs. 🙁

  • Couch Defender

    Owner of #9 should get a Couch Defender to protect his furniture while in meetings. That dog is adorable, not his fault that he wants to be comfortable.

  • Dee Dee Sterling

    LOL! You got that right. Dogs may be filthy sometimes but they are dogs and we love them anyway. The love they give outweighs their sometimes bad traits any day.

  • va_lady

    Sounds like you’ve never ever had a pet. Guess that’s for the best with your filthy attitude.

  • va_lady

    Geez. The haters are always out there trying to spoil others’ days. If you don’t like dogs, then don’t look at pics of them. Keep your misery to yourselves. I loved these pics and I have two dogs, one of whom should be named mischief for all the trouble she seems to find…love her dearly and wouldn’t trade her for anything.

  • rarey4

    Spaniels lol

  • John Thompson

    Dogs are filthy.

  • Thomas

    That and have the dog’s anal glands looked at.

  • Lance Taylor

    Really dude! Someone needs to get you a coke & a smile because your sense of humor…or should I say lack there of, is extremely depressing & misplaced! This is adorable & as both a dog lover & owner I think it is also hilarious!

  • Donna Bodo

    I guess you don’t like animals, dogs do things on there own, without humans help!

  • lee man

    Dog 13 should be checked for worms.

  • fig

    forgot your sense of humor today… huh

  • Ethan


  • mrstockenstine

    These dogs don’t have a problem, it’s their owners who have a problem and should be shamed.