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I’ve had a rough couple of days. Editing the film is taking a bit of a toll on me, I’m not an editor by trade but in order to blend the vision of the interviews with the direction of the narrative, I’ve been called into action. I started a few months ago going through the mountain of footage we have compiled and made a very long A-roll edit that’s just all the good parts strung together. As it probably goes without saying the entire road to this film has not been an easy one overall and it’s taking it’s toll.
As I said I’ve been having a rough go lately, in addition to the editing I’ve been sick since Friday and to top things off today I had to have one of our animals put to sleep and it was rough. My wife and I told my daughters after they got home from school and it was understandably bad. Although with all that said I’m thankful for such problems, they could be much, much worse.
After it all let out a big sigh and sat down to start editing Bleed Into One, and went to the beginning of the one of the hard disks. At the beginning was a an interview from Bill Walden from Undercover, and Bill had wanted to start his interview with a prayer. For some reason when I was doing the first edit, I left it in. I’m assuming because I thought it was nice. Today it was more than nice, it was exactly what I needed to hear, when I needed to hear it. Bill was praying for guidance not only for himself during the interview but for us and our project, and for friends both present and absent. He also talked about the bigger picture and our desire to serve Him.
I just sat there and listened and joined in, it was a beautiful moment of assuredness. It was such an answer to a prayer that I never prayed, but that I needed and it was right there for me.
After I prayed I messaged Bill and told him what had happened.
This is what he said:
“Great news. God cares about every thing in our lives. I am amazed at the way he ministers to us in unexpected ways, even thru careless little accidents, or via fb messages from a friend.
Thanks Tim….you encouraged my day.”
Wow talk about encouragement. I’m going to go listen to “God Rules.”

I wanted to take a minute to explain a little about the title of the film. If there were a FAQ about “Bleed Into One” one of the first questions on the list would surely be “where did the name of the film come from?” The short answer is that it comes from a U2 lyric, specifically a line from “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” off of “The Joshua Tree.”
The lyric says “I believe in the kingdom come, when all the colors will bleed into one.”
The main idea for this came from an unlikely source: Hootie and the Blowfish. For some odd reason, I remembered an anecdote about their gazillion selling album “Cracked Rear View” that the title of the album came from a Bruce Springsteen lyric. Taking the name from a song lyric seemed like a good idea to me at the time and I apparently filed away said information until the time came to choose a title for the film.
I knew I wanted something that would represent not only the scene but of culture in general, and from there it was only a short jump to U2. Thanks to the trusty internet it only took a few minutes to have every U2 lyric ever written at my fingertips, so I started at “Boy” and went from there. I had a stack of post-it notes on which I would write any phrases that I thought might be a candidate. I had compiled a list of about 10 or so possibilities before I came to “The Joshua Tree” which is actually my favorite U2 album. As soon as I got to “found” I just knew that was it. I had heard the lyric literally hundreds of times before but I knew as soon as I read it in the context of what we were trying to do that “Bleed Into One” would be the name of our film.
In addition to linking me with one of my favorite bands it makes me proud to steal a name from U2 as well, because in the echelon of spiritual music U2 did it right, they did it all right.
I remember distinctly hearing “New Year’s Day” for the first time and being really into it and then a short time later seeing the “War” LP in a Christian book store. I thought it must have been a mistake. I later got really into the band when “Unforgettable Fire” came out and bought every cassette U2 had made to that point. I remember that most people didn’t care about them around that time and I got them all in the cutout bin. Of course “Boy” had the American -read lame- cover, but it didn’t matter, I ate it all up. I literally wore out “Under a Blood Red Sky” and “Wide Awake in America”, whose version of “Bad” is to this day my favorite U2 song.
But I digress, back to the spiritual stuff. I remember listening to “War”, and this was long after I had forgotten about the Christian bookstore sighting, and being really moved by the lyrics to “Drowning Man” especially the “rise up with wings like eagles, you’ll run and not grow weary” part. The music was so ethereal, and the drums after the “run” part was so majestic, it literally changed me. I knew that this was a band that meant something, not just to me but to the world. Then later when I found that the lyric was taken from the Bible it became even more, almost transcendent. Like I said before, they did it all right, it was passionate, heartfelt, and relevant. I think all my U2 moments revolve around that realization. I was saddened to see that for years, “Drowning Man” has kind of been the forgotten U2 song. It’s been played live on very very rare occasions, and most people, even some fans are not familiar with it. At the risk of sounding dramatic: I want it to belong to this film. I hope to feature it in “Bleed Into One.” I’m sure licensing for U2 stuff is off the charts but I’m going to try as we are also going to try to interview Bono. We’ll see though, there’s a good chance Paul McGuinness will think I’m insane but to be honest just to be on his radar would be an honor. Hopefully Bono and I will laugh about this someday….
Please visit our kickstarter and consider helping the cause…

A little bit from Sanctus Real on POD blowing up in the mainstream. These guys are so forthcoming and very cool.

Obviously we’ve all been effected by the events of September 11, 2001. I truly believe that God used POD in that time to deliver a message of hope. Surely it was divinely inspired that the day the free world was brought to it’s knees, a little song called “Alive” was going to radio. “Every day is a new day….”


I freaking love ZAO. “Liberate Te Ex Inferis” is one of my favorite albums of all time. I think that ZAO are everything that every band should be. Relevant, artistic, and above all have something to say. I remember hearing the band for the first time on one of the Tooth and Nail penalty box CDs. The song was “to think of you is to treasure an absent memory.” Just the title alone inspired my imagination.
I remember seeing them at Cornerstone on the “Liberate” tour. It was in one of the Encore tents in the middle of the day and it was like 110 degrees but it was awesome. Jesse Smith played sideways to the crowd and it sounded amazing. I remember that Russ Cogdell was just going absolutely insane, a mass of flailing arms, legs and a guitar. He would periodically scream into the pickups, you could totally tell that he was just in his own world with himself and the music.
I was able to book ZAO later at the WH on the “Self-Titled” tour. Dan had left the band for a while and a guy named Corey was singing. It was still great. Jesse asked me after the show how I would describe ZAO and after a second I came up with “what Pink Floyd would sound like if they were a metalcore band.” He seemed impressed and I hoped that the quote would some way make it into ZAO lore but that was pretty much the end of it.
We interviewed Scott and Marty at Cornerstone and I think it was one of the best interviews we have done. Anyone who knows anything about ZAO knows that they are no strangers to controversy and our interview was no exception, but I really think that they were just being honest about who they are and what they do. The best quote was when Scott said that when they were a “ministry band” that the money they made was not spent to feed the poor or anything but was spent just like any other money. “It went right into my pocket” he said. Wow.
On a side note it turns out that Scott is really into horror movies (as am I) and lives close to the Monroeville Mall where the original “Dawn of the Dead” was filmed.

“My Glorious” is probably one of my favorite rock type worship songs so I knew that we would have to interview Delirious? at some point. The show was at a large church in Oklahoma City called the Cathedral of Praise. The good people at this church are all about servitude and I mean that in a good way. In most instances I am completely respectful of the fact that to most promoters our film crew is little more than another headache to deal with prior to the show. That’s OK, I used to be a promoter and that’s how I would have felt. Anyway the people at the Cathedral of Praise were the exact opposite. They treated us like kings. They gave us a room to ourselves and repeatedly brought deli trays and drinks in to us (it is a dangerous thing for anyone to offer food to Ash and myself), always asking if we had everything we needed. At one point I had to tell one woman that although we appreciated it we weren’t the band and they didn’t have to be taking care of us so well. She looked at me like I was absolutely crazy. I really got the impression that they just want to serve the people that came into their church. Here’s your shout out, people of the Oklahoma City Cathedral of Praise: You Rule!!!
We did the interview with Stu G and Jon Thatcher in this TBN stye room complete with paisley, rich mahogany, potpourri, gold leaf and catering everywhere. It was easily the funniest interview we have done for “Bleed Into One” mainly due to what we later dubbed “the language barrier.” I knew that the band was from England and knew that I would have no problem understanding them, I mean we’re speaking the same language right? I never considered that they would have a problem understanding me, specifically my American euphamisms. Apparently I’m much more of a rube than I thought. I became aware of this when during the interview, I asked them “what’s your take on POD?” Then silence and both of the guys look at each other for a few moments as if thinking that I am insane. Then Jon says as proper and nice as can be “do you mean in a fight then?” As I am still trying to process the answer when Stu says “I think if we got in a fight with POD they would crush us.” So we all kind of look at each other and burst into laughter. It dawns on me that what I said was “what’s your take on POD” and what they heard was “what would happen if you took on POD?” Ash ever the personal motivator says “English, only the Queen’s English, you hick” to me. It was really funny. Later I said “let’s riff on some bands” and Jon said “we don’t feel comfortable ripping on other bands.”
As I said before I’m a rube.
The interview itself was pretty good. I was really interested in their influences. Being from England they were into Joy Division, Queen, Suede, Pulp, etc. Stu had even gotten to see Pink Floyd on the Wall tour if you can imagine. Wow.

Like I said I’ve been on this for a while so I’m going to spend a couple of posts telling you how I got here. Here’s one I wrote a few years ago talking about the genesis of Bleed Into One.

The project that we now know as “Bleed Into One” began one day on my couch watching a film called “Grey Matter.” “Gray Matter” is a documentary directed by Joe Berlinger on an Austrian movement to bury the brains of 700 childhood victims of Nazi medical experimentation held over from World War II. The doc was very moving and relevant to not only it’s subject matter but the human condition in general. For those who aren’t into documentaries, Joe Berlinger is a name right up there with Michael Moore in terms of influence. Some of Joe’s earlier films include: “Brother’s Keeper”, “Paradise Lost: the Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills”, “Paradise Lost 2, Revelations”, and “Metallica, Some Kind of Monster.” He is also responsible for the “Iconoclast” series on Sundance Channel. Anyway, I was thinking about how great Joe’s films were and how he was really doing well for himself making docs that were important as well as entertaining. Then I had a thought: “someone should do this for Christian Rock” and that was about it. The gears started turning (as much as the gears in my head can turn at least) and I came to the realization that I could actually do a documentary on Christian Rock, or at least be a part of such of film. A bit of background on me, I’ve been a film and music geek most of my life and at that point been a promoting Christian Rock concerts for several years, but more on that later though. It began to dawn on me that I actually had enough connections in the scene to make such a film happen. But then reality set in and I realized that although I was very familiar with the subject matter, I had absolutely no skill or knowledge in the field of filmmaking. Problem. In the next few days I remembered that a friend of mine, Chad, had mentioned to me that he knew a guy that was a director and had recently completed a documentary on the band Hanson.
Turns out the guy was Ash Greyson. Shortly thereafter, Chad hooked up a meeting at a Chilis in Tulsa. I had the chicken crispers, I think. Anyway Ash tuned out to be pretty cool and was interested in the idea right away. That was pretty much it, and then on to the interviews….

Maybe that’s too optimistic a title for this entry….well probably. Mainly because this really isn’t the beginning, and I’d go so far as to say this is close to the end, of the film at least.

If you didn’t know, that’s what this little area of the World Wide Web is about, a film, specifically, “Bleed Into One: The Story of Christian Rock.” An in production documentary that has been in my life so long I feel like it’s a part of me now and ironically the only thing I can think of is finishing it but we’ll get to all that later.

I’m Tim. I’m the film’s producer and have worn about every other hat you can think of during the creation, but again that’s another long story that I’ll get to at a later time. If you’re interested now though you can find me on facebook: Tim Hudson from Bartlesville, OK. There’s probably more info and pictures of me and my cat than you’d ever want to see in two lifetimes.

Anyway this is supposed to be about Bleed Into One, or BIO as I will hereafter refer to it, so I’m going to jump into it. As I’m writing this I’m sitting on my couch, new Mac laptop (another story) in my lap, Star Trek in the background, editing the Randy Stonehill portion of the film. It’s so good I can barely contain myself, I literally cannot wait to get this out. These people have sort of lived a secret history, one that people think they know but really have no idea and it’s all on here, waiting to be put together, watched and discussed.

OK with all that said hopefully you interest is piqued and you will come back and finish this journey with me….