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A big party was coming up.  I knew that the smart thing to do is plan ahead. If everyone else is eating high glycemic cake and with mounds of ice cream, I had better make provision for my runaway sweet […]

The best plan is to retrain your sweet tooth by eliminating all sweets.  Then you can enjoy the flavor and sweetness of fruit as a dessert.  (It really DOES work that way!)  However, sometimes you have to make cookies.  When it’s […]

Blackberries — they are some of the most anti-oxidant rich foods around. And, even better, if you live in the south where they grow wild, they are free for the picking. (Well, it will cost you some in scratches and […]

Some people love salad and scarf down the veggies with cries of “Yum!”  Others of us think salad is something to eat salad dressing on. That’s not good, because salad dressing tends to be heavily laden with bad stuff, like high […]

What’s for dinner?  Sometimes it’s a challenge to find recipes that are both good tasting and good for you.  Here is one way of adding zing to slow cooker chicken.  Chicken Taco Filling Ingredients  1 package dry taco seasoning mix […]

It’s a mistake a lot of people make. They try to replace all the bad stuff in their diets with fake bad stuff.  It’s a better plan to focus on eating good, whole, healthy food. Your taste buds will come […]