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I have a new favorite!  I didn’t know about it when I did the original series about sugar substitutes, but thought this would be a good time to introduce it.  It’s called Just Like Sugar — and I have not […]

For those who want a list from best to worst in one place — here it is: 1. Stevia. Zero calories. Glycemic Index: 0 2. Coconut sugar.  16 calories per teaspoon. Glycemic Index: 35 3. Trehalose. 11 calories per teaspoon. […]

 This is only my opinion, but here is a summary of what I consider the best of the alternative sweeteners.  These are the ones I will be using: 5. Xylitol.  This sugar alcohol has about 10 calories per teaspoon, and […]

There are a lot of sugars out there!  This series has brought lots of questions, comments, and not a little discussion and disagreement.  Several people asked me to do a summing up of what I found.  Let me stress that […]

It’s on the table — but that doesn’t make it food. Doing research on sucralose,  found in the popular artificial sweetener, Splenda, brought disappointing, not to say frightening, results. It sounded  so good — a more “natural” sweetener that is […]

Variety may be the spice of life — but too much of that spice may have contributed to our epidemic of obesity.  A study in this month’s  The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition tested the idea of putting a meal […]

Why do crazy diets work? I once owned a book called “The Dr. Forgot-His-Name’s Quick Weight Loss Diet Plan.”  It was really a collection of  crash diets that called upon the dieter to eat strange things for quick weight loss.  […]

You’ve been working hard on your weight loss plan — so why aren’t you seeing results?  Chances are the results are there  — but you are looking for them in the wrong place.  We use the scale as the primary […]

You are doing your best — even going above and beyond the call of duty. So why are those pounds not leaving?  We’ve looked at a couple of reasons.  Maybe you are underestimating your calories, or you need to step […]

You have been faithfully keeping to the plan and stepping up the exercise.  Why is the scale not moving? Yesterday we talked about how too many calories — even the right kind of calories — can stall out your weight […]