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I looked at the recipe in disbelief.  NINE eggs? Surely that was a misprint.  Only 3/4 cup flour in a cake?  Not likely.  As I studied about coconut flour, though, I saw that, yes, it does take that many eggs …Read More

Once there was a famous tight-rope walker.  He stood before a huge crowd by Niagara Falls, preparing to do his most daring feat. “How many of you believe that I can walk across Niagara Falls on this tightrope?” he asked …Read More

“We asked 150 Parisians how they knew they were through with dinner,” food psychologist Brian Wansink, PhD, said.  “They said, ‘When we’re full.’  When we asked 150 Chicagoans that they said, ‘When the plate is empty.’” * No wonder 2/3 …Read More

H.A.L.T. — Don’t get too hungry, too angry, too lonely, or too tired.  But how do you do that?  How do you avoid getting in a dangerously tempting position? It takes planning.  Start planning before you even head to the …Read More

Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.– Carl Bard If only — If only.  How the “if onlies” plague us! “If I had only …Read More

The health benefits of avocados blew me away!  They are full of a wide variety of nutrients that help so many health conditions.  I was particularly interested to read of their anti-inflammatory properties, since my beloved husband has arthritis, which …Read More

I have a new favorite!  I didn’t know about it when I did the original series about sugar substitutes, but thought this would be a good time to introduce it.  It’s called Just Like Sugar — and I have not …Read More

For those who want a list from best to worst in one place — here it is: 1. Stevia. Zero calories. Glycemic Index: 0 2. Coconut sugar.  16 calories per teaspoon. Glycemic Index: 35 3. Trehalose. 11 calories per teaspoon. …Read More

A sweetener that keeps your hair from turning gray?  That’s just one of the interesting claims I encountered when researching blackstrap molasses — another in our series of sugar alternatives. Another thing I didn’t know — molasses is the “waste …Read More

Some days it seems like the cookies are holding us captive.  Temptation surrounds us and we can do nothing but fail.  It seems hopeless. Elijah’s servant certainly felt hopeless and helpless when he looked out in the morning and saw …Read More