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Stop competing with everyone. When we do this we lessen the value God created in us. Ask God to show you how amazing He sees you. Competing is combative. It takes a lot of energy. When we spend our days …Read More

REST….. it’s a SUPER power! REST- it’s a spiritual principle that so many people forget or misunderstand. Being lazy, refusing to work, craving a life with no work is not rest, it’s lethargy and will destroy your life, finances & …Read More

Your Unique Design We rescued a little kitten about 3 months ago. Sadly, the vet had found him in a garbage dump. He was only .5 lbs and very sickly. But he had a WILL TO LIVE. When we took …Read More

My energy is at full speed early in the morning. So it would be silly of me to write my book, articles, or anything that requires the best of me later in the day. The best use of my time …Read More

He comes in the night. He watches and studies to see where the vulnerability is. Studying…. spying and seeking. Some of you have been going through a full on WAR this week and the demonic hacker has been working overtime …Read More

Are You Hesitating? When God gives you a clear direction to “GO!” it’s time to go. To hesitate brings in confusion and a high price we really don’t have to pay. There’s no need to calculate, strategize or map out …Read More

When you start to feel disconnected from God, just tell Him. “God I feel so far from you, please come near to me” He will. I promise. Press in… part of your assignment is to hold a space where heaven …Read More

We currently have more than 1 MILLION clients in our client base. More than 600,000 follow me on social media. The #1 thing people write me about DAILY is how to get past negative people on social media. “HOW do …Read More

THAT DREAM YOU HAVE IN YOUR MIND- It is possible. But you will have difficult days. You’ll have times when you fall so far back you wonder how on earth you could ever gain ground again. You will have victorious …Read More

  I’m a marketer. Have been for 18 year. Digital media in any form is my speciality. We’ve grown a huge platform in the last 4 years. Even in the last 90 days our Facebook page has gone from 141,468 …Read More