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If you would like to link to an article on the web or link back to a URL from a previous blog entry, select the chain button on the left. If you would like to break the link, select the broken link on the right. These buttons will become active when you select the text you would like to link to.


Below are the instructions for adding Google Analytics to your profile:

  1. Visit
  2. Click large blue Access Analytics button if you already have a Google account.
  3. If you don’t have a Google account, you’ll need to sign up for one (the Sign Up link is below the button).
  4. Once you’ve signed in to Analytics with your Google username, you’ll see a generic welcome page. In the botton left corner is a Sign Up for Google Analytics box. Click the Sign Up button.
  5. Add the Website URL for your blog. If your blog is called Awesome Town, the URL would be
  6. Create your Account Name (which will just be the name of your blog – e.g., Awesome Town).
  7. Choose your Country and Timezone. Click Continue.
  8. Add your contact information on the next page. Click Continue.
  9. Agree to the Terms and Conditions. Click Create New Account.
  10. You’ll see a lot of complicated stuff         about tracking code and what not. Ignore all of it and simply click Save and Finish at the bottom.
  11. You’ll see the Google Analytics dashboard with your blog’s profile. To the right of your URL you’ll find a number that looks like UA-XXXXXXXX-X. This is your Google Analytics Profile ID. Copy that number and email it to me.
  12. Once I update you blog with the Google Analytics Profile ID, it will take anywhere from 24-48 hours for Google to begin registering your traffic. You’ll visit Google Analytics ( to check your stats. Note: Your traffic statistics will only include data from the date you entered your Profile ID. Any statistics from before the time you entered the ID WILL NOT be available.


Sharon Kirk, Media Relations, provides you with important tools for doing interviews on behalf of Beliefnet.

Okay…I know there have been some issues with videos over the past month since the migration, but it looks like we have taken care of this and you should be okay posting videos now. Some of you were using the red button with the arrow while others have been using the button that says YouTube. Now, when you go to edit a post or create a new post, you will see just the YouTube button (see image below).

When you click on this button, all you need to do is insert the URL for the video. In the box, you can also update the dimension to adjust the size of the video.