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Thanksgiving is supposed to remind us to be thankful for we have received, but as with most holidays, commercialization can make it hard to remember its original spirit. This sentiment, plus my fear of Black Friday frenzies and apathy towards …Read More

I haven’t been covering the Jerry Sandusky child-rape allegations, because it’s not a faith-related story, unless you count the Penn State football=religion, Joe Paterno=God perspective. But other religion reporters disagree, and of course there are obvious comparisons to how the …Read More

It seems that Paul the Octopus might be omniscient after all — the eight-legged oracle correctly predicted Spain would beat Germany in today’s FIFA World Cup semifinal, to advance to Sunday’s final against the Netherlands. (No word yet on whether …Read More

I can’t decide which of these religion stories has more entertainment value: disgraced lobbyist (and Orthodox Jew) Jack Abramoff now serving his debt to society by working at a kosher pizzeria in Baltimore, or China holding its first “Religious Games,” in which Buddhist monks …Read More

The Masters Golf Tournament 2010 starts today, and all eyes are on Tiger Woods, who is ending a self-imposed five-month exhile after his extremely public fall from grace. In a press conference this week, Woods reiterated that he has recommitted himself to …Read More