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The omkara is the manifestation through sound of the highest consciousness or highest light.  Practice of the repetition of Om or Omkara elevates the mind and raises the vibrations. It helps to focus on and calm the wayward mind. The …Read More

Yesterday I joined with a group of Quakers to celebrate Christmas. I don’t know if you’ve ever met a Quaker or participated in their meetings, but in their gatherings, silence is golden. During the hour or so when the group …Read More

“World peace starts with each individual finding peace and working toward it in her own heart and making efforts to create a terrain of calm and serenity at home. Next take this peace out and share it with neighbors and …Read More

It’s revealing that Rumi, a poet who wrote in the 13thcentury, finds his works on today’s bestseller lists. There’s something mystical that he communicates through his divine experiences. “I am a painter, a maker of the seen and the hidden, …Read More

 In every moment ask yourself, are you are going to choose ego, or you are going to choose Divine Love. – Mirabai Devi Is it possible to be lifted into the light by the company you keep or the thoughts …Read More

Praying is a way to connect with the divine. In the traditional sense, in prayer we often ask for our heart’s desire. The heart yearns for many things and those yearnings bring lessons that help us to grow and understand …Read More

Bali’s ancient spiritual traditions and culture of rituals and healers make it a sacred destination for spiritual tourists from around the world. Since the international success of the book, Eat, Pray, Love where author, Elizabeth Gilbert ends her spiritual journey …Read More

The ancients have known it for centuries — sound heals and harmonizes the body, mind and spirit. If you’ve sat in a temple listening to monks chant Tibetan invocations or hearing the Vedas, you can feel the powerful vibrations and …Read More

I have been meditating regularly usually twice a day for years. But sometimes it doesn’t seem to matter. Something happens, my mind and emotions go off balance and no matter how hard I try I keep getting stuck in that …Read More

Make your life a rose that speaks silently in the language of fragrance. – Sathya Sai Baba Few aspects of spiritual practice become more profound and transforming than working with silence.  Despite the noise, the chattering mind and the loud …Read More