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A recent email discussion between a theologically diverse group of right-of-center friends—Christians, Jews, agnostics, and atheists—provided much food for thought. Is Christianity the main culprit for what one interlocutor aptly referred to as “white guilt” and all of the cultural …Read More

Christian leadership—meaning clerics and commentators of both the Catholic and Protestant varieties—all too often reveals itself to be of the world. Speaking as a practicing Roman Catholic, this is a sobering truth with which to reckon. But it’s true all …Read More

Almost a generation ago, David Horowitz, editor of Frontpagemagazine, wrote The Art of Political War.  Horowitz’s’ book was addressed to his fellow Republican partisans who failed to realize what Horowitz—and the left from which he converted—knew all too well: “Politics,” …Read More

Big Conservative media celebrities have regularly chastised the left for failing to acknowledge the existence of evil in our world.  Yet while the left is indeed a moral swampland, Big Conservatives should remove the boulder from their own collective eye …Read More

Many self-identified (though not necessarily practicing) Christians, or at least those living in the contemporary Western world, tend to think that the existence of other religious and philosophical traditions somehow threatens the unique claims of Christianity. While I won’t bother …Read More

As readers know, this series, “Thinking Clearly, Choosing Wisely,” was partially—but only partially—provoked by an exchange I had with a friend, a fellow Roman Catholic who has proceeded to put into question, if she hasn’t altogether rejected, some of the …Read More

In a previous essay, I argued that if there is no God, then there is no objective, or real, value, whether positive or negative: no goodness, no evil, no right or wrong, and no other values either. Now, Christianity is …Read More

God is Love. A recent conversation with a friend, a fellow Roman Catholic whose quest for Truth is evidently leading her in heterodox directions, as well as an email from an irate reader who took unequivocal exception to this uniquely …Read More

While on Hugh Hewitt’s nationally syndicated radio show recently, Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg admitted that he favored removing Thomas Jefferson’s name from events. Buttigieg was specifically asked about the removal of the names of Andrew Jackson and Thomas Jefferson …Read More

The mass shooting at a synagogue in California during the last weekend in April served as but another opportunity for the left to advance its latest Big Lie: The Lie of the ever-growing threat of “White Nationalism.” Some thoughts: First, …Read More