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Not being a sports fan I had no idea who Tim Tebow was, but as a student of human behavior this article in the New York Times intrigued me: Tebow tends to have his worst 45 minutes of play when […]

More and more, real astrology is beginning to gain a new level of respect.  For example, this: With Tiger Woods’ seemingly inexorable though not irreversible slide into an abyss, something never before thought possible, more players than usual will have a chance […]

The coach of the French soccer team, Raymond Domenech, fancies himself an astrologer and has decided to avoid Scorpios when picking his team. When Domenech took over from Jacques Santini in 2004 it looked to have ended the international career […]

by Lynn Hayes Tennis legend Serena Williams (9/26/1981, unverified time of 8:26 pm in Saginaw, MI) gave a referee a piece of her mind on Saturday, costing her the game and the match.  This sudden outburst is considered out of […]

I love this… Coach Phil Jackson of the LA Lakers has used the retrograde turn of Venus last week to explain Lamar Odom’s poor performance: At a loss for a conventional explanation for the inconsistencies that have defined Lamar Odom’s career, […]

by Lynn Hayes Michael Vick plead guilty today to dogfighting charges at the state level after serving nearly a year for federal charges.  The horrific nature of these crimes, which as an animal lover I cannot bear to repeat in […]