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Kim Jong Il, the Supreme Leader of North Korea, died  on December 17th leaving his already unstable country in a state of uncertainty. In 2006 I profiled Kim Jong Il which you can read here.  As I wrote then, there …Read More

I’ve been spending a lot of time this week researching the various charts for the USA which is one reason for my lack of posting.  I have used the Sibley chart with great results, but every time I post an …Read More

In my recent postabout the horrific attacks in Oslo last Friday, I described the transit of Mars and the South Node over Pluto in the chart of Norway, and the transit of Chiron in a square to the South Node …Read More

Any person, place or event with a date of origination has an astrological chart. Humans have birthdates, companies have incorporation dates, and countries have their own dates of origination (we call this “mundane” astrology). Mundane charts are not always easy …Read More

For some time now I have wanted to do an analysis of the outer planet cycles to see how they affect global periods of transformation so I was glad to see this article by Dharmaruci in which he discusses the …Read More

Tem Tarriktar of The Mountain Astrologer posted a chart of the resignation on Facebook yesterday which you can read here with all of the associated comments.  A link to the actual announcement on Egyptian TV was posted which includes a time stamp of 6:02 …Read More

This article was originally posted in 2009 but has been updated to account for recent events. Before you can have an accurate astrological profile, you must have an accurate date of birth.  In a mundane chart of a nation this gets …Read More

Every thirty years, Saturn returns to its place in the birthchart and that is no less true for national charts than it is for the charts of individuals.  The “Saturn Return” is a time that requires the celebration of Saturnian …Read More

The obsession of the United States with money and the amassing of more and more of it can be seen in the fact that Pluto, the planet of compulsive behavior as well as the experiences that create the death of …Read More

by Lynn Hayes has posted its list of the best charities for the Haiti relief effort. Note that Red Cross is not on this list.  My personal preference for disaster charities is either Americares or Oxfam America. I took …Read More