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If you don’t already subscribe to Richard’s planetary forecast, I strongly recommend it. In his October forecast he notes that the Scorpio New Moon on October 26th is a SuperMoon with potential for significant geocosmic effects: The likelihood of destructive storms, […]

Fires are burning in North Carolina, New Mexico and Arizona, floods are raging in North Dakota and the Phillipines.  Earlier this spring  record numbers of tornadoes ripped through areas of the country not known for them. Earlier this spring we […]

by Lynn Hayes Astrology is back in the mainstream news, with articles like this that have been circulating the internet lately: The powerful tsunami that today slammed into Japan’s eastern coast comes just two days after warnings that the movement of the […]

Anyone who has been reading this blog will remember that when Pluto (the destroyer/renewer) entered Capricorn, the Earth sign of material stability, I (and other astrologers) predicted that when Uranus, the planet of radical change, entered Aries and began to […]

Here is an interesting article on the numerological component of October 10, 2010 and tens in particular: 10 is the number on which we tend to judge perfection. “10 out of 10!” “A perfect 10!” “On a scale of 1 to […]

The first phase of the Pluto/Ceres conjunction brought us the Horizon oil rig disaster, and now as Ceres prepares to conjoin Pluto for the second time we have a “flood of red sludge” that could equal or exceed the negative […]

For several weeks it there have been reports of reporters such as this one from Mother Jones being  prevented from fully covering the disaster in the Gulf, but it wasn’t until now, with Pluto locked in a nearly exact square to Jupiter, […]

President Obama will address the nation tonight in a speech about the oil disaster in the Gulf Coast.  We can argue all day, and probably will, over whether Obama has done enough to stem the tide of this horrific event, […]

I’m back, and what a wonderful vacation!  But there is so much to write about… I wrote about this oil spill a few months ago in connection with the conjunction of Pluto to Ceres that was occurring at the time.  But […]

Because I will be out of town the first week of June, the monthly Skywatcharticle will be delayed until I return.  There’s still time to sign up for your own free subscription!  You can sign up in the sidebar here, or on […]