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On the evening of July 8, observers from Earth will be able to watch as an asteroid occults a star, blocking its light for several minutes.  An occultation is a bit like an eclipse since the object that is hidden […]

by Lynn Hayes In early August the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology met in Washington DC to discuss the science that will constitute President Obama’s science agenda over the next few months.  At the time, chairman John […]

Following up on my “Conspiracy Corner” post from last week, an interview on the Spiegel Online website with Tom Jefferson shows that it’s not just conspiracy nuts that are spectacle of the latest attempt to frighten humans around the world. […]

by Lynn Hayes The swine flu began as a mysterious strain of flu, a mixture of swine, bird and human flu strains, just as Chiron and Neptune were moving closer towards their exact conjunction.  At the time I wrote of […]

Molly Hall at About Astrology posted a link to Linda Moulton Howe’s excellent crop circle site where she compares the latest crop circle to a sigil used by the ancient alchemists. Linda writes: Sigils are codes created for a specific […]

by Lynn Hayes One of the interesting blogs you’ll find in my blogroll is Todd Chapman’s “Through the Looking Glass.”  Todd is an avid watcher of meaningful connections, and he has over time made an fascinating study of connections involving […]

Ever since September 11, there have been rumbling conspiracy theories about the event. Steven Jones, physics professor at that hotbed of radical thought Brigham Young University, published a paper explaining how the WTC buildings could not have collapsed without the […]

Mercury’s direct turn and conjunction to Uranus brought more surprising revelations today! Today’s news reports that Zacarias Moussaoui suddenly reversed his story and claimed that he and Richard Reid, the famous Shoe Bomber, were supposed to hijack a fifth plane […]