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by Lynn Hayes Note: “transits” are the passing of planets in the sky to planets in our birthchart.  The geometric angles that planets make to either other describe the nature of their interaction.  There are harmonious transits, which bring ease […]

by Lynn Hayes The other day I wrote on Dave Letterman’s chart as it affects his situation at the moment, embroiled in a blackmail scheme and needing to make major apologies to his wife and staff.  My anonymous commenter Chiron […]

by Lynn Hayes A secret book written by Carl Jung nearly one hundred years ago will be released next month according to the New York Times.  Known as the “Red Book,” it was jealously guarded by Jung’s descendants until it […]

by Lynn Hayes Marco, a new reader, writes: “ I was looking for more information re: the saturn/uranus opposition and found you. However, what I was seeking was a more specific study of the impact of this phenomenon as it comes […]

by Lynn Hayes The Sabian Symbols were originally conceptualized in a partnership between astrologer Marc Edmund Jones and spiritual medium Elsie Wheeler in the early part of the 20th century, and published in a book by Jones called The Sabian […]

I love this video from Jeff – and while I completely agree with his rant against reducing astrology to a simplistic look at sun signs, I would like to point out that all of us do have Suns, and they […]

by Lynn Hayes Art by Willow Arlenea.  Pluto has been slowing down for the past month or so in preparation for making its station, and we have seen a dramatic increase of violent acts including several mass murders during that […]

Christopher Warnock has a beautiful video series on traditional astrology.  I don’t practice these techniques myself but this video is a good introduction to the horary technique.  Some knowledge of astrology is necessary to understand the techniques applied here, though.

Jeffrey Kishner has a great article up today that illustrates the flexibility of house rulership in the astrological world of symbols.  It’s easy when we’re studying astrology to become rigid about certain things, like house rulers.  For example, we tend […]

by Lynn Hayes.  This is written for Eastern time zone – please adjust accordingly for your own part of the world. The Moon entered Sagittarius early this morning, turning the focus to the realm of adventure and ideas.  Under the […]