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I sure wish we have a birth time for Sarah Palin which would help to give us more specificity about her personality and help us to forecast with more accuracy.  (There is a 4:40 pm time circulating around the internet but it is completely unsubstantiated and should not be relied upon.)  However, it is growing ever more clear that Governor Palin will not be a flash-in-the-pan vice presidential pick if McCain’s bid for the White House fails – her aspirations run much deeper.

Personally, I like a 9:00 am birthchart for her that has Aries rising, expressing her fearless warrior personality, and Jupiter, King of the Gods, right on the ascendant mirroring her shameless raw ambition and boundless confidence.  This fantasy chart has Capricorn on the cusp of the Tenth House of career with the South Node conjunct the Midheaven where it would explain her comfort with her public role and a conflict between staying at home (North Node would then be on the cusp of the Fourth House of home) and career.  
Her Moon would then be at the first degree of Aquarius and it would conjunct Mercury, reflecting her ability to convey her words (Mercury) in a way that hits people at an emotional level (Moon). The Uranus/Pluto conjunction in this chart falls in the sixth house of work, service and the employee/employer relationship which fits well when you consider her efforts to completely control the behavior of her subordinates.  Unless an official birth time is released, though, all of this is just speculation. 

In any event, transiting Jupiter has been making a square to Jupiter in Palin’s chart since March of 2008, with the second phase of that cycle occurring in July at the beginning of the Troopergate scandal.  The challenging aspects of Jupiter inflate our confidence and give us a sense that we want to be bigger, and there can be a sense of urgency and reckless overconfidence with the squares.  The final phase of this Jupiter square is today, October 30 and for the past week leading up to this big Jupiter event there has been evidence of Governor Palin’s ambitions to be seen as a major leadership figure, including her interruptions of John McCain in their joint appearances which led unnamed McCain aides to say Palin had “gone rogue” and off-message.

Sarah Palin has a square from Neptune to the Sun in her chart, just as Barack Obama does.  The Neptune/Sun square can show a difficulty in establishing a strong personal identity that makes it easy to take on different personas and roles, often in an attempt to build an identity later in life.  Transiting Neptune began a transit over Palin’s Aquarian Sun earlier this year, coinciding with the beginning of the Jupiter transit, suggesting that there is an element of illusion (Neptune) in the grandiosity (Jupiter square) of Palin’s ambition.  Neptune transits can be gloriously spiritual, opening doorways to a direct experience of the divine within us.  Or they can lead us through illusion, delusion and confusion that make it difficult for us to find our way.
Once Neptune is through with Palin’s Sun it will continue to her Mars, and then her Saturn, ending this cycle in 2010.  But Palin will experience a big shift around the end of 2009:  the shift of her progressed Mars into Aries where it will be squared by transiting Pluto.  That will be a very interesting time to watch.  Transits of Pluto to Mars can destroy us, or they can make us stronger and build tremendous reserves of internal power.  
Over the next 18 months or so Palin’s relationships and alliances will be tested with a triple threat:  Pluto will completes a square to Venus in her chart that began earlier this year, and transiting Chiron (wounding and healing) and Jupiter (frustration in expectations) will both square Palin’s progressed Venus beginning next spring.  
No matter what you think of Sarah Palin, you simply cannot ignore her.  She’s a force to be reckoned with and it will be interesting to see how she manages these Neptune cycles over the next few years. 
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