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A hoot. 

I’m busy packing for two weeks on the road, starting tonight.  My hit on the election will come later – no time right now and it’s best to get a little perspective.  Have at it!

It’s come to my attention that at least one person has repeatedly sent in a comment and been told I must approve it.  (Beliefnet’s system has occasionally told me I had to personally approve my OWN comments.)  I never received …Read More

Beliefnet seems to have finally developed a spam fighter that prohibits anyone from posting.  After five tries that failed, I used my “back door” and so could reply to George, but that seems to be it.  I can reply to …Read More

My Into Your Hands thread attracted a lot of attention regarding divination and related stuff.  It’s dropped below the screen quite a bit, so I am resurrecting it – plus anything else any of you want to discuss.  I suggest …Read More

I am flying to Vancouver tomorrow, now that the Olympics are over.  I fly back Thursday night.  I’ll be working on a paper with a friend there, one exploring why Vancouver became such a great city.  Which it is.  So …Read More

Beliefnet has asked my to urge you to respond to a short survey regarding blogs.  Please click here and help them out.

The last one was lightly visited, but this one may be more lively.

Have at it if you want.

I haven’t had one of these in a while.  I figure it’s time to share.