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I think Earth Day is a particularly important moment for contemplation and commitment by us Pagans.  Often American Christian critics accuse us of “pantheism,” and in a important respect they are right.  We do find the sacred, most of us, …Read More

We have seen a major victory among the forces of decency in our country.  Not only has Rush Limbaugh now lost 141 advertisers.   Better yet, a great many have indicated they want no association with right wing hate radio. They …Read More

I just came across a study of the broader impact of the deep cultural split between “red” and “blue” ways of living in the US.  I think it adds to the evidence that Pagan spirituality is part of the leading …Read More

A Facebook friend just posted the following very interesting and courageous speech  by Maureen Walsh, a Republican legislator who voted in favor of Washington’s new law allowing gay marriages.  Her speech is eloquent, heart felt, wise, and courageous. Everything that …Read More

I have not been doing much political posting for many months, ever since I finally gave up hope that the Democrats, with a few exceptions, amounted to anything  more than a somewhat more humane version of the moral filth that …Read More

Paul Krugman has a fascinating column in today’s NYT demonstrating that Mitt Romney’s stump speech is 100% lies.  Not one true statement of substance in it.  Not one. This means that Romney believes in absolutely nothing he is willing to …Read More

Over at Patheos I have just posted a column on whether it is possible to coherently think of a monotheistic God as an individual.  Not surprisingly given that I am a polytheist, I argue it is not.

One of my oldest friends is a woman who has been working with progressive Muslims in Denmark.  As many of my readers know, there has been far more friction in Denmark between right wing Muslims and the secular society to …Read More

I have been almost totally focused on the home stretch of my manuscript tentatively titled Faultlines: The 60s, the Culture War, and the Return of the Divine Feminine.  This is really getting in the way of making frequent blog posts.  …Read More

Joe Walsh has made a name for himself as a “family values” Republican.  He has also made a name for himself as a dead beat dad who owes over $100,000 in child support, ignores court dates, and takes his girl …Read More