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We have seen a major victory among the forces of decency in our country.  Not only has Rush Limbaugh now lost 141 advertisers.   Better yet, a great many have indicated they want no association with right wing hate radio. They …Read More

I just came across a study of the broader impact of the deep cultural split between “red” and “blue” ways of living in the US.  I think it adds to the evidence that Pagan spirituality is part of the leading …Read More

Paul Krugman has a fascinating column in today’s NYT demonstrating that Mitt Romney’s stump speech is 100% lies.  Not one true statement of substance in it.  Not one. This means that Romney believes in absolutely nothing he is willing to …Read More

Ron Paul is an interesting presidential candidate, a frustrating mix of the very good with the very bad, arriving in the form of a man who actually seems to believe something and is willing to tell prospective voters things that …Read More

Last night Jon Stewart targeted  Megyn Kelly’s passionate defense of maternity leave once she returned to Fox after giving birth.  Kelly was spot on in every respect save one, one that Stewart memorably pointed out. 

I’ve been nearly overwhelmed with discussions over at Patheos after I responded to some folks request for me to discuss “Can a Pagan be a Conservative?”  I wish they had not used the subtitle they did, but it certainly helped …Read More

My first Patheos post has been put up.   Again, Patheos will have little essays addressing the various implications of Pagan spirituality but I hope no purely political analysis. But as readers will see, I intend that many will have …Read More

The passionate discussion and often insightful responses my 4thof July post unleashed has forced me to think more deeply about the issues it raised. In the process I have tried to place my argument in a more explicitly spiritual framework, …Read More

I was inspired to write this blog by Steve Weinstein’s post on Crooks and Liars. There he observed “I live in the middle of Los Angeles. Gay people are everywhere and considered as normal as anyone else. Black people too. …Read More

Bolivia is preparing to boldly go where no one has gone before, although Ecuador started the ball rolling.  Asof this writing Ecuador is on the verge of passing a kind of Bill of Rights for Nature, a series of laws called …Read More