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UPDATE  below Science Daily reports on a new theory by Erik D. Andrulis that if true demonstrates the earth is alive.  The peer reviewed journal Life has just published Theory of the Origin, Evolution, and Nature of Life, which argues …Read More

A friend of mine well versed in these matters and appreciative of problems on both sides has recommended this analysis as the best she has come across for understanding the issues at stake and why we should care.

Alexei Navalny is one of the young Russians deeply involved in the broad outpouring of protest against the fraudulent election that returned Vladimir Putin to power.  In this interview he explains the crucial role of the internet and blogs in …Read More

Courtesy of Stephen Schwartz’s sleuthing, I have come across two articles that give us hope that we can solve our energy problems with contemporary technologies if only the parasites who own the government would get out of the way – …Read More

Suzanne Simard of the Dept. of Forest Sciences at the University of British Columbia has a delightful short video reporting that multi-species forests are connected in complex communicative networks with “mother trees” serving as the nodes in these networks. Her …Read More

In what might prove to be one of the most important inventions of the past 100 years, Andrea Rossi’s claim to have a functioning cold fusion reactor appears to have  passed important tests.  Stay tuned.  f this thing is real …Read More

I just read on of the more hopeful pieces I have seen in a while regarding environmental degradation, the most disturbing of what I consider the three major crises threatening us today.  This crisis has several dimensions: destruction of natural …Read More

A very interesting series of posts on recent research with psilocybin mushrooms has just started to appear at one of my favorite bogs, The Reality Based Community, which is made up of a variety of academic types with a wider …Read More

Some things are so cool they are well worth looking at even on a blog that deals with completely different subjects.

Atheists have been popping up and in some cases rudely intruding of late, most recently on Facebook.  Last night I “unfriended” someone on FB because I was tired of putting up with his mix of rudeness, arrogance, and his thinking …Read More