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Ostara, the Spring Equinox, is always beautiful here in Sonoma County, California.  This year was threatening to be different because we have had a disturbingly dry winter.  The grass was green, but very short.  We were having to water parts …Read More

My posts for the forest with qualities like Pandora and also the one mentioning Xango seem to have disappeared.  Anyone find them?

I arrived early into Lawrence, Kansas, for Thanksgiving.  As I drove up the turnpike I called my old friends, Nan and Jerry. They weren’t home, and I left a message.  A short while later Nan returned my call and invited …Read More

Are there any public Samhain gatherings around there the night of the 31st?

Yesterday I returned from the Yukon after being essentially cut off from most communication and definitely from this blog for the better part of three weeks.  Right after crossing the border my email account was hacked by an outfit that …Read More

I’ve been scurrying about and making lists preparing to leave for my big adventure starting this Saturday: the road trip of a life time to the Yukon. It’s been very hard to think about blogging.  I’m picking a friend up …Read More

You cannot help but notice the new title strip for A Pagan’s Blog.  Beliefnet is upgrading their headings, and while it is more ‘cosmic’ that I would have designed, I like it.  It seems symbolic of siome changes I am …Read More

This blog has been quieter of late, though perhaps the posts have been a bit more in depth.  I have been taking a vacation from the constant current events reporting on the nihilists to the right because it’s become clear …Read More

I’ve been taking a vacation of sorts from this blog, for the reasons I already mentioned below. I’ve been trying to find a way to do more than write “aint it awful” every day, along with the occasional spiritual Pagan …Read More

As I read again about the utter nastiness and hypocrisy of America’s ‘conservatives’ now that they are anticipating growing in power I wonder what their spiritual significance might be at a personal level.  In so many cases what they do …Read More