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Thought on the Pantheacon controversy I imagine there are few Pagans who have spent more time studying, thinking, and writing about politics in all its various forms than I, and for those of you who have, you have my sympathies. …Read More

This isn’t quite the write-up I anticipated doing because I left my notes somewhere or other.  A drag, but maybe a blessing in disguise.  Now I have to search my memory about what impressed me most.  And a great deal …Read More

Th West Coast’s annual Pantheacon starts Friday at 1 and goes through Monday afternoon. It is one of the high points of the years for me, a chance to see old friends from different parts of the country, as well …Read More

Surva is an ancient Balkan ritual used to revive the earth on the New Year.  It’s a wonderful community celebration, and the communities are big.  Here is an example of a modern day Pagan survival in good health in Europe. …Read More

Just before Yule one of my readers asked me to explain why I was not more interested in working magick on big issues, such as stopping global warming or bringing about more enlightenment in public policy.  He said he planned …Read More

I was asked to show our script for Samhain.  I think it is appropriate as it gives a sense of what many Wiccans do tonight or tomorrow night.  So below the fold I have reproduced our script.

I’m soon moving to a place with many fine gardens shared with people who are open to the magickal side of nature.  I am already imagining returning to the way I gardened here years ago, when I had the land …Read More

Tonight my Wicca 101 class nears its end, with my first female student experiencing Drawing Down the Moon for the first time.  In subsequent classes other women will have their own opportunity to encounter the Lady.   It’s been most …Read More

I recently went searching for a  wine to use in the “Cakes and Wine” part of our Wiccan rituals.   I went to the organic wine section of a local store since it seemed to me important the wine we …Read More

Beltane 2010 is upon us.  Beltane is one of Wicca’s two most important Sabbats, celebrating the power of life and growth, as Samhain, six months later, honors the powers of death and decline.  Beltane is fast approaching and in my …Read More