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I deeply believe the problems in our country are more of the heart than of the head. Here are some youtubes courtesy of John Morehead of the Evangelical Chapter of the Foundation for Religious Diplomacy on Facebook. They speak more …Read More

Here  is a really good article by Tina DuPuy on how the Republicans got themselves into such a mess with America’s more intelligent women.  Left undiscussed is how the extreme pathological masculinity of both their deity and their leaders made …Read More

Very cool.  The article say a lot and gives links.

In 2010 I wrote in this blog “Imbolc is one of the less intensely celebrated Sabbats, I think because it has fewer real world connections in our lives.  In most places the coming Spring Equinox, Ostara, is well suited to …Read More

Those corporate produced foods with blueberries that we buy may not have any blueberries at all.  Here is an expose on how many of the major corporations selling “blueberries” in their food in fact have no blueberries at all, or …Read More

Ever since 9-11 I have done what little I can to differentiate between decent Muslims and the fringe of lunatics that infest it, just as I have tried to do so with decent Christians and their rather larger (in this …Read More

Gypsy’s Bring Back the Light has always been one of my favorite Yule songs.

This is an important press release, and while I will be far away overseeing an academic conference, I hope any readers in the area will help support this effort. Silver Spring, MD, October 19th, 2011   Priestesses and priests from the …Read More

One of the biggest lies being told by David Barton and other dishonest hacks in the so-called ‘christian’ right about our nation’s Founders was that they thought of freedom of religion in purely Christian terms.  They did not and made …Read More