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I deeply believe the problems in our country are more of the heart than of the head. Here are some youtubes courtesy of John Morehead of the Evangelical Chapter of the Foundation for Religious Diplomacy on Facebook. They speak more …Read More

I have been slow in writing this post because I have wanted to do my experience justice.  In late November I crossed the country, stopping off in Lawrence Kansas for Thanksgiving with family before returning to California.  Starting from the …Read More

One of my oldest friends is a woman who has been working with progressive Muslims in Denmark.  As many of my readers know, there has been far more friction in Denmark between right wing Muslims and the secular society to …Read More

This isn’t quite the write-up I anticipated doing because I left my notes somewhere or other.  A drag, but maybe a blessing in disguise.  Now I have to search my memory about what impressed me most.  And a great deal …Read More

Ali Gomaa, Egypt’s Grand Mufti has just made a statement that should raise the spirits of all who care for the well-being of the Egyptian people and a future of religious toleration and, even more, ultimate acceptance.  No, he did …Read More

One of the most depressing recent blots on the increasingly blotched American character was the ignorant and infantile outrage by so many over the “Ground Zero Mosque” (which was none of the above). To make their case they had to …Read More

The Saturday before Thanksgiving the United Religions Initiative’s People of the Earth   gathering took place in San Francisco’s Presidio.  This was the third in a series of meetings seeking to build mutual awareness and respect among the practitioners of many …Read More

(Revised and deepened) This month has been Pomo Honoring Month  in Sebastopol, and yesterday I went to see Hinthel Gaahnula (Talking Indian) a film produced by James BlueWolf giving a narrative history of the Clear Lake Pomo from shortly before contact …Read More

I was asked to give a talk this afternoon, October 3, at the Interfaith Center at the Presidio chapel in San Francisco.  This was an annual gathering celebrating its founding, and this year’s topic was “Reclaiming the First Amendment,” a …Read More

Yes indeed they sometimes do. And it’s a good example of the power of interfaith work.