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I think Earth Day is a particularly important moment for contemplation and commitment by us Pagans.  Often American Christian critics accuse us of “pantheism,” and in a important respect they are right.  We do find the sacred, most of us, …Read More

The controversy over pink slime is helping educate Americans to the fact that corporations are as beneficial to agriculture as they are to politics. Tom Laskawy put it pithily: “What pink slime represents is an open admission by the food …Read More

For me, all our interactions with nature have an ethical component. None are purely with a insensate object to be used simply as a tool.  For example, I buy organic not because it tastes better – although it can – …Read More

Courtesy of Stephen Schwartz’s sleuthing, I have come across two articles that give us hope that we can solve our energy problems with contemporary technologies if only the parasites who own the government would get out of the way – …Read More

Suzanne Simard of the Dept. of Forest Sciences at the University of British Columbia has a delightful short video reporting that multi-species forests are connected in complex communicative networks with “mother trees” serving as the nodes in these networks. Her …Read More

Today I read two thought provoking pieces that cross traditional divides while addressing key issues in environmental thought. In both cases I think a Pagan sensibility brings new and valuable insights to the table.

I just read on of the more hopeful pieces I have seen in a while regarding environmental degradation, the most disturbing of what I consider the three major crises threatening us today.  This crisis has several dimensions: destruction of natural …Read More

My first Patheos post has been put up.   Again, Patheos will have little essays addressing the various implications of Pagan spirituality but I hope no purely political analysis. But as readers will see, I intend that many will have …Read More

I just saw a great article by Stephen Lacey  linked to on Crooked Timber on how the price of solar power is falling very rapidly.  This has been a long term trend, and shows no signs of slowing.  The rate …Read More

The modern world’s essentially autistic view of reality has suffered many assaults over the past 150 years.  In particular Darwin, the paradoxes of quantum mechanics and the rise of ecology as a science and a societal crisis, among other issues, …Read More