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The controversy over pink slime is helping educate Americans to the fact that corporations are as beneficial to agriculture as they are to politics. Tom Laskawy put it pithily: “What pink slime represents is an open admission by the food …Read More

Here  is a really good article by Tina DuPuy on how the Republicans got themselves into such a mess with America’s more intelligent women.  Left undiscussed is how the extreme pathological masculinity of both their deity and their leaders made …Read More

UPDATES below For years the culture warriors have waged a slowly rising campaign against the women and the feminine in all forms other than the pregnant submissive housewife or cold-hearted ideological warriors such as Coulter, Palin, and Bachmann.  One of …Read More

We have seen a major victory among the forces of decency in our country.  Not only has Rush Limbaugh now lost 141 advertisers.   Better yet, a great many have indicated they want no association with right wing hate radio. They …Read More

I just came across a study of the broader impact of the deep cultural split between “red” and “blue” ways of living in the US.  I think it adds to the evidence that Pagan spirituality is part of the leading …Read More

A Facebook friend just posted the following very interesting and courageous speech  by Maureen Walsh, a Republican legislator who voted in favor of Washington’s new law allowing gay marriages.  Her speech is eloquent, heart felt, wise, and courageous. Everything that …Read More

I came across a most illuminating post today on one of my favorite group blogs: Balloon Juice.  It began with a discussion of the character of right wing folks as revealed by what they said on their own sites, sites …Read More

Paul Krugman has a fascinating column in today’s NYT demonstrating that Mitt Romney’s stump speech is 100% lies.  Not one true statement of substance in it.  Not one. This means that Romney believes in absolutely nothing he is willing to …Read More

Check it out– a servant of Sauron has reached high power in the benighted state I once called home. This loathesome servant of evil not only gets votes he is Speaker of the House.

When I wrote Pagans and Christians I said that religions based on reveled texts that make monopolistic spiritual claims to superiority were like dormant volcanoes. However peaceful and good neighborly they appeared, they harbored deep within a danger of erupting …Read More