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I hope every American gets to see this ad, maybe several times.  From a Pagan perspective what is happening is really important because it is an attempt to dismiss the importance of the feminine in all its forms except the …Read More

A friend of mine well versed in these matters and appreciative of problems on both sides has recommended this analysis as the best she has come across for understanding the issues at stake and why we should care.

Ron Paul is an interesting presidential candidate, a frustrating mix of the very good with the very bad, arriving in the form of a man who actually seems to believe something and is willing to tell prospective voters things that …Read More

Alexei Navalny is one of the young Russians deeply involved in the broad outpouring of protest against the fraudulent election that returned Vladimir Putin to power.  In this interview he explains the crucial role of the internet and blogs in …Read More

The OWS movement has triggered worldwide support, most ll of it peaceful and likely in the hundreds of thousands.  There were 951 demonstrations planned in 81 countries.  Worldwide corporate aristocracy has triggered worldwide solidarity.  A site that gives a sense …Read More

Both petitions are to the White House.  In my view Obama has neither the bravery nor the integrity to do much, but the publicity is important. You have to get a White House password, but that seems no big deal. …Read More

I have just learned about a married lesbian couple, Hege Dalen and Toril Hansen who performed an act of incredible bravery in an event covered around the world, and received next to no coverage in the US media.   who were …Read More

I just saw a great article by Stephen Lacey  linked to on Crooked Timber on how the price of solar power is falling very rapidly.  This has been a long term trend, and shows no signs of slowing.  The rate …Read More

One of the most deeply rooted differences between almost every Pagan and conservative Christians is our diametrically opposed views of women and the feminine.  We exalt the feminine as Sacred, they denigrate it as spiritually inferior to their male deity.  Women …Read More

UPDATE below After his first months in office Barack Obama increasingly perplexed me, particularly for the fraudulent way he campaigned and then turned on his most dedicated supporters. I was particularly alarmed at his disdain for our constitutional principles and …Read More