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I met a guy last night who had grown up here in Sonoma County but had been enticed to move to Amarillo, Texas by economic incentives for his business (by the government).  Very smart guy, not a religious bigot at …Read More

Last night I drive to Sonoma to hear John Perkins, author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, and of a number of other books, give a talk sponsored by the Praxis Peace Institute.  The audience was filled with people more …Read More

Books can be great in several ways.  Some encapsulate the spirit of their time.  Some grow in profundity, as the reader returns to them again and again, marveling at how much the author is saying that had been missed in …Read More

We recently had a discussion of Gerald Gardner’s involvement with Spiritualism, and it’s possible influence on the Craft.  Robert Mathiesen made some very interesting observations about this issue, and not being an expert on Gardner, I contacted some who were. …Read More

This blog is an active participant in the Culture War being waged in the US.  But I often find myself in a strange position, as many other Pagans likely do.  I frequently seem to shift sides.  I want to describe …Read More

When I first became a Pagan I thought that we were primarily a new/old religious perspective that would better integrate human beings with the world and feminine values.  I still think that, but just what that means has continued to …Read More

I’ve just finished Marc Bekoff and Jessica Pierce’s  new book, Wild Justice: the Moral Lives of Animals.  Theirs is a wonderful book that in less than 200 pages has deeply changed how I look at our other-than-human neighbors on our …Read More

Last week I went with a Pagan friend to the Marin Interfaith Council’s meeting, to hear Barbara McGraw give a talk on church and state in America.  McGraw is author of Rediscovering America’s Sacred Ground,  a very good discussion of …Read More

When I first was made to know, in no uncertain terms, that the earth and everything in it was vastly more sentient than I had ever imagined, I looked long and hard for writings that could shed more light on …Read More

The recent plethora of books by militant atheists such as Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and Christopher Hitchens is beginning to generate a good deal of return fire from people writing within the Christian tradition, either as sophisticated adherents or writers …Read More