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At this time when the worst side of many Americans is proudly exposed to view by people too morally lost, and too besotted with self-righteousness to realize what they are doing, it is good to reflect on a beautiful poem …Read More

It’s wonderful and magickal.  Debbieseakay created it and she takes beautiful pictures as well.   I am grateful to Anne Laurie over at Balloon juice for finding it.

Alex Mar has produced American Mystic,  a beautiful and most unusual film, one I hope receives many viewers, for many will be the better off for having seen it. In her film Mar describes the lives of spiritually committed people …Read More

I went searching for some Solstice cards to send out for Yule.  To my surprise no local stores seemed to have any, so I searched around on the net.  I found some really beautiful ones at Lytha Studios.   Perhaps …Read More

UPDATE Celia Farran ,  a Pagan singer who I have raved about before on this blog will be doing two performances this December in the Bay Area.  I don’t have the time to say a lot right now as I …Read More

I just saw the movie Agora, and I believe every Pagan would be well advised to see this account of the life and death of Hypatia.  She was the greatest of Classical women philosophers, and apparently a great philosopher by any …Read More

This elegy and poem about what has happened in the Gulf was contributed by Thermal, a local member of the Northern California Pagan community whom some of you might remember from his past comments. It speaks for itself.

This is National Poetry Month, and as spring caresses the hills of northern California, one of the most magickal places in the San Francisco Bar Area, Mt. Tamalpais, is rising serenely above the hustle and bustle below, the good and the bad, …Read More

Another that speaks for itself, and more. A Different Heaven Who will remember the truth, behind the way morning glories devour fences and telephone poles, is life hunger and the way it feels to stretch out delicate green tendrils and …Read More

Given the negativity that so easily can come to seem the defining feature of this society, it’s good to be reminded of why so many of us push back against the forces of dark ignorance.  Drew Dellinger’s poem is a …Read More