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I wrote earlier about a little girl in my area who is fighting a very serious cancer with the odds against her, as an example of undeserved suffering in a good world.  I just saw a story in Huffingtonpost about […]

The Gulf coast oil spill is offering several important insights beyond the obvious, if Americans will but look.  Obviously it is an environmental disaster of enormous proportions, a crime against nature and spirit, but sadly, there is considerably more this […]

Still more evidence is arising that Nature is a healing force when approached respectfully.  Washington State has developed a program enabling veterans suffering from PTSD to get involved with Nature in a mutually healing way.  As they explain,  The mission of […]

I recently went searching for a  wine to use in the “Cakes and Wine” part of our Wiccan rituals.   I went to the organic wine section of a local store since it seemed to me important the wine we […]