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Asking your angels for a sign is easy. Getting out of the way of what you want is usually more of a challenge.  Lets try an experiment to get you working with your angels to help guide you in big ways. …Read More

Archangel Raphael and his Emerald Green healing rays of light are amazing to experience. I love working with Raphael for he hits you in the heart and floods the cells of your body with amazing love. It is a truly grand thing …Read More

Walking in Consciousness is an amazing experience! It is healing, gifting, and you just never know what surprises come your way. I take a walk everyday. I have dogs and I believe they and I will live a longer, healthier …Read More

Another Ask the Angels question from a reader is about what can you do when nothing seems to be working quite right. Here is a wonderful answer from the angels: The Angels are helping you right now, even if you …Read More

We’ve been going through some big changes, and Archangel Michael says it is time we get our Shift Together! The energies lately have been a bit intense and bringing about lots of changes. Changes means big shifts, and it is time …Read More

I have spent a lot of time contemplating life over the past few weeks as I prepared the eulogy for my sister-in-law’s Celebration of her life.  When we are putting together a lifetime into a few pages and trying to …Read More

Great affirmations are available everywhere on social media, but are they actual working for you or against you? How do you use affirmations and are you seeing those results manifest for you? Everywhere I look, I see affirmations, especially ones …Read More

The glorious scents of spring are in the air. I see the first buds coming up in my garden and I always get excited. Spring is about renewal as mother earth reawakens from her slumber. We had such a rough, …Read More

I keep seeing the number 11, it is a sign from my angels? Recently I was asked this question about signs. When the number 11 keeps showing up for you, it is a message from the angels concerning your soul mission. …Read More

Raising vibration consciously each day is a fantastic way to start your day and keep building on its momentum. When you learn to read the energy and raise your own vibration to match it or be even higher, you will …Read More