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Assumptions! Stop making them. We all know this, yet most of do this. The angels like to remind us to not make assumptions; it only gets us  into trouble. Don’t Make Assumptions is one of the Four Agreements – a wonderful book.  […]

I am shocked! Those who know me well, know I am not a big shopper. I am a girl who doesn’t like shopping lol. I always jokingly say that the shopping gene missed me and hit my son.  Well, this […]

Let go of the past! It is the fastest way to create momentum for forward movement. Ties that bind you to a past that is no longer is not only an illusion, it literally stops you from manifesting your desired […]

Another Ask the Angels question from a reader is about what can you do when nothing seems to be working quite right. Here is a wonderful answer from the angels: The Angels are helping you right now, even if you […]

Are you willing to walk your talk ? Then you are ready to have Archangel Michael to overlight your journey. If you want to work on Archangel Michael’s Team – Get yourself Committed Now – Committed to your journey that is! There is […]

I think everyone wants love letters from those we love in heaven. I often receive requests from readers asking me if someone they love who has just passed away has arrived safely in heaven. Here are some tips to help […]

We’ve been going through some big changes, and Archangel Michael says it is time we get our Shift Together! The energies lately have been a bit intense and bringing about lots of changes. Changes means big shifts, and it is time […]

I have spent a lot of time contemplating life over the past few weeks as I prepared the eulogy for my sister-in-law’s Celebration of her life.  When we are putting together a lifetime into a few pages and trying to […]

Claircognizance is Clear Knowing.  For most of you this is the first sense that you learn to trust and if you don’t trust it now, it is high time you did. This is your guidance systems at its finest. When your thought and […]

The F-Word has many meanings. I find the F-Word is out there more and more in our society. So, what exactly am I talking about here and why bring up the word? I have never been big on swearing. I […]