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Unplugged from the day to day world for a bit should be a mandatory prescription for our well being. I have recently returned from a trip out west to the beautiful community of Xeni Gwet’in First Nations where I had the …Read More

Using protection during these shifting times is helpful, especially for the empaths. It seems that each shift we go through some of us notice we are more sensitive to energy around us. We don’t want you to ever cut yourself …Read More

Asking your angels for a sign is easy. Getting out of the way of what you want is usually more of a challenge.  Lets try an experiment to get you working with your angels to help guide you in big ways. …Read More

Hummingbird visited me recently while I was away unplugged from the world. Well really, it was several hummingbirds. I notice a few years ago that these beautiful beings of the elemental kingdom started to hover around me. At first it …Read More

Archangel Haniel often shows up with the cycles of the Moon and when we need to honour the natural rhythms of life. When she showed up today I checked to see where the moon was at and I wasn’t surprised …Read More

The ways of communicating on your planet have vastly changed over the past hundred or so years and it will continue to change with your rapidly accelerated growth. The technology change alone has been astounding. You can now instantly communicate …Read More

After some sessions earlier the angels said…”Angels Unware”…for often the human angel doesn’t see the magic of her own light. Many of the human angels are weary right now and so they need to be reminded of their love, their beauty, …Read More

Has dragonfly medicine flown into your life lately? If so, lucky you for dragonflies are a symbol of a new you emerging. Unlike the butterfly, dragonflies don’t have a cocooning period so this transformation is happening for you right now. …Read More

New Moon’s are for setting intention. We have our 2nd on of the month coming up, which doesn’t happen that often. Being a Moon Child – both my sun and my moon are in Cancer – I feel the phases …Read More

Archangel Raphael and his Emerald Green healing rays of light are amazing to experience. I love working with Raphael for he hits you in the heart and floods the cells of your body with amazing love. It is a truly grand thing …Read More