Angel Guidance
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Of course your angels are sending signs. Your angels send you signs such as feathers, sparkling lights, and meaningful songs. These are just some of the ways your angels are giving you signs, answering your prayers, and letting you know […]

When you need Help, remember to stop for a moment and ask your Angels. It doesn’t need to be hard and it isn’t complicated. All you really need to do is just ask! Talking with your angels is easy. They […]

We just celebrated Groundhog Day and did yours see his shadow? In Canada some of the groundhogs did see their shadow and some didn’t. The ones back east did. Last time I noticed that happening, we had an early spring […]

Being human angels is easy, it is rewarding, and it is a great way to expand your light. When you add this practice into your life, it is amazing how it boomerangs good energy back to you! How can you […]

Raising vibration consciously each day is a fantastic way to start your day and keep building on its momentum. When you learn to read the energy and raise your own vibration to match it or be even higher, you will […]

Managing an Energy Shift need not be so challenging. There are constant posts on Social Media taking about how difficult many empaths, indigo’s and lightworkers have working in the world of vibration. Being sensitive is a gift, and as you […]

Create a Sacred Space or a power place to help you explore. There is a transformation happening and a place to cocoon while you grow will help you in many ways. These special places allow you a safe space to […]

Shape shifting into this new you that has been transforming creates new connections between your body, mind, and soul. Many of you have been going through huge shifts and changes and it is time to make sure you are nourishing […]

The first new moon of the year brings new beginnings, new opportunities, and huge growth potential.  Setting your intentions towards what it is you want to create for yourself and your life is more powerful when you take advantage of […]

2019 is a year to live your truth, follow your heart, and trust. It is time to march forward with intention in a new way. As you move forward, the long range destination is not what we wish you to focus […]