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Shape shifting into this new you that has been transforming creates new connections between your body, mind, and soul. Many of you have been going through huge shifts and changes and it is time to make sure you are nourishing […]

The first new moon of the year brings new beginnings, new opportunities, and huge growth potential.  Setting your intentions towards what it is you want to create for yourself and your life is more powerful when you take advantage of […]

2019 is a year to live your truth, follow your heart, and trust. It is time to march forward with intention in a new way. As you move forward, the long range destination is not what we wish you to focus […]

Transformation symbols, visions, and signs are all around! These signal times of great change and that is exactly what most of you have been experiencing in big ways. There has been a lot of changes going on and the angels […]

Today’s Christmas message is one of support and love from the angels. We have been going through huge shifts lately and many of you have been feeling a bit ‘raw’ as you learn how to be in this new energy, exposed like […]

Are my loved ones in Heaven safe, and are they with me? This is a common questions I am asked, and more often at Christmas. The Christmas season seems to be a harder time for many to miss those who […]

How do I know if I am receiving messages from Spirit or my Angels and not just wishful thinking? This is a common question and one that can be a challenge because it can be something you really, really want, it […]

As we draw nearer to the ending of 2018, your angel guidance is to look at your completions. Review the year and see the gifts and release what isn’t working so you can move into 2019 unencumbered by the past. This […]

Another fantastic idea for the holiday season is Inviting Angels over for the holidays is a great way to bless your house.  Since this is the month that many of us celebrate Christmas, we thought it would be a lovely […]

What a fantastic Idea for the Advent season. Doesn’t really matter what your belief system is, there isn’t any better way to be more ‘christ’ like than making a point each day to participate in an action of kindness. Credit […]