We have all heard someone say to be patient, it will come, or what will be will be, or other such sayings that truly don’t relieve us of anything except perhaps to remember that worry is a useless waste of time. Often I hear the angels tell me or a client to ‘be patient and do not worry!’ So, how can we make this easier?

Be Patient
Be Patient

When you take the time to rest, re-evaluate and plan your next steps or intentions for yourself and your life, you ill find you make smarter choices that bring you greater rewards. The success you desire does come your way, it is often that you must learn to experience and master the Law of Divine Timing. This is patience and acceptance working through your life and sometimes in ways you wish you didn’t have to experience but this is the opportunity to better understand how allowing things to unfold can be a wondrous part of the journey.

Patience is about being at peace with the process of life. Just because something isn’t happening for you right now, doesn’t mean that it won’t ever happen, however what you think, feel, and believe are possible play a very important role in the process of timing. It is not about a time inactivity, or that you are not deserving because you are, it is about taking time to be okay with where you are at. To take time to stop and look around and enjoy that moment.

Keep your thoughts and actions positive and trust in yourself. Know that whatever has brought you here to this point in your now has been to help you grow and expand who you are, how you see life and everything around you. Take this time to learn, study and gather information that will help you when you are ready to put all of your talents, skills and knowledge into action to help you make your life better. Know that if it feels like a lack of movement in your life that is a sign that there is always more going on that meets the eye and so use this time to review, re-evaluate and prepare you for what is to come. Prepare to set some new goals and make some plans that prepare for their unfolding when the time is right and you know you what you must do.

Tons of love, Sharon and the angels xox


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