I’ve received some wonderful messages and questions about how our angels and guides communicate with us. Here are a few more ways our angels send us messages to let us know that they are hearing our prayers, our requests for help, love and support. The most important thing is to remember that it doesn’t always come in a way we can expect.

Signs and Symbols – These are often repeating numbers, signs or symbols. Our angels send us messages that relate to us and in ways that we can understand. If you feel you are not getting the signs you have asked for, ask your angels to send it in a way that can understand now. I recently was asked by a reader “I asked my angels to send me a white feather and I have not received it yet, are they listening to me?” It is important to be open to the signs but also to understand that when you ask for it to be a sign, don’t specify, just ask that it be meaningful for you. I recently did this and found the most beautiful white and yellow tipped feather. I was astounded by its beauty and knew it was a sign as it was unlike any I have found before. Another time a feather flew into my apartment from the hallway when I opened my door, it was inside a building and no one else was in the hall.

Repeating numbers are a common sign. There are many books about numbers and so it is important to look at what they mean to you and not necessarily what other writer or authors think they should mean. For me, I thank my guides and angels whenever I notice this and usually take it as a sign reminding me that I am not alone, they are with me, supporting me and not something specific. I also have developed my own numerology that is meaning to me.

Earth Angels – You each come here with many plans and contracts to fulfill as part of your earthly mission. Sometimes your contracts of friendship and support mean that you enter the lives of those who need assistance or awakening or they enter your life just when you need them.  These are your Earth Angels who are fulfilling their part in the master plan of your  life purpose. Anyone who touches your life in a significant way is an earth angel, even the ones you deem as a negative life experience – these are the ones who have agreed to come and help you with ‘bump’ contracts, to help you get back on track and on with your mission.

Your angel guidance is to remember  when you ask for help, it is there. Notice the signs and watch as life becomes easier to navigate and always remember to see the beauty in each experience.

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Tons of love, Sharon and the angels xox


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