A few days ago while I was making some breakfast and thinking about some of my goals and intentions that have not manifested for me and whether or not it was time to give up on them and move on to something else. Sometimes it is important for us to know when to walk away and when it is a good time to buckle down and get working on the projects that are near and dear to your heart when this song started to spontaneously play on my computer…

It literally brought tears to my eyes along with the message that my dreams are important and worth pursuing. That it is important to lead with your heart, regardless what is happening around you and that the signs from our angels can come through loud and clear when we need them.

I feel more balanced and focused as well as hopeful about things that are manifesting and I am so grateful for this beautiful reminder.

It also serves as a good reminder how powerful messages can be when you choose to take the time to go within and listen when something is brought to your attention, especially if you have been asking a question. Also the powerful messages that music brings to our world.

Your angel guidance is to listen for the answers that you seek, your angels are with you and guiding you, sometimes in the strangest of ways

love and blessings, Sharon


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