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The Soul Unearthed is a lovely collection of essays about finding one’s soul through exploring Mother Nature in her wild and beautiful state.  Each essay is completely different, in length, content and voice.  It feels uneven at times, but also …Read More

Solid Ground is a little book.  But it’s size belies it’s excellence.  The book is comprised of three parts–three prominent Buddhist authors talk about overcoming challenge using Buddhist wisdom.  All three authors are unique and potent–in both their understanding of …Read More

Buy Healing at the Beliefnet Shopping Mall. Healing: My Journey from Doctor to Nun There are few memoirs that are more stirring than Healing, a poignant autobiography penned by Sister Dang Nghiem, an ordained Buddhist nun and student of Thich …Read More

Purchase Seasons of Thanks from the Beliefnet Shopping Mall. Seasons of Thanks By Taz Tagore Review: It’s hard to review your own book without feeling utterly self-conscious. But, as I looked through the slim volume of titles related to Thanksgiving, …Read More

Purchase Gratitude Journal from the Beliefnet Shopping Mall. Gratitude: A Journal By Catherine Price Review: We all need to find ways to be more grateful–to others, to ourselves and for the gift of life.  For those who are serious about …Read More

Purchase Big Fat Lies from the Beliefnet Shopping Mall. Big Fat Lies Women Tell ThemselvesBy Amy Ahlers Review: In this insightful book, Amy Ahlers basically lays out all of the destructive lies that women tell themselves (or are indirectly told …Read More

Buy You Can Create an Exceptional Life at the Beliefnet Shopping Mall. Recommended for: I think this book will be best received by fans of Louise and Cheryl’s ideas and workshops.  But it is an accessible read–and likely to appeal …Read More

Purchase seeds of freedom from the Beliefnet Shopping Mall. Seeds of Freedom: Cultivating a Life that Matters By: Heather Marie Wilson Review: Seeds of Freedom is a lovely, easy read for those of you who love gardens and have an …Read More

Purchase My Soul Pages from the Beliefnet Shopping Mall. My Soul Pages: A Companion to Writing Down Your Soul By Janet Conner Review:I’m the sort of person who loves journals.  I have at least 15 on my bookshelf, mostly half-filled, …Read More

Purchase Writing Down Your Soul from the Beliefnet Shopping Mall. Writing Down Your Soul: How to Activate and Listen to the Extraordinary Voice Within By Janet Conner Review: Writing Down Your Soul might be just another book offering a means …Read More