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There are few essay collections which I find eternally useful…so useful that they never seem to leave my bedside table for a more (lonely) and permanent space on my living room bookshelf.  But John Welwood edited one such collection called …Read More

Lodro Rinzler begins his first full-length book with these sentences: “This isn’t your grandmother’s book on meditation. It’s for you. That is, assuming you like to have a beer once in a while, enjoy sex, have figured out that your …Read More

Solid Ground is a little book.  But it’s size belies it’s excellence.  The book is comprised of three parts–three prominent Buddhist authors talk about overcoming challenge using Buddhist wisdom.  All three authors are unique and potent–in both their understanding of …Read More

The Way of Council is an excellent book penned by Jack Zimmerman and Virginia Coyle.  Both have extensive experience working through simple and difficult issues using the unique format of a circle. This isn’t just about sitting in a circle …Read More

Purchase Ethical Intelligence from the Beliefnet Shopping Mall. Ethical Intelligence By Bruce Weinstein Review: At the outset of this book, readers are invited to take a quiz.  It is a challenging quiz..because it unearths our ethical shortfalls.  I consider myself …Read More

Purchase Through the Year With Jimmy Carter from the Beliefnet Shopping Mall. Through the Year with Jimmy Carter: 366 Daily Meditations from the 39th President   Review: In Through the Year with Jimmy Carter, the thirty-ninth President of the United …Read More

Purchase Spiritual Partnerships from the Beliefnet Shopping Mall. Spiritual Partnerships (New in Paperback) By Gary Zukav Review: The premise of Zukav’s new book is that we have (and continue to) evolve beyond the limits of our five senses.  Zukav asserts …Read More

Purchase Simply Jesus from the Beliefnet Shopping Mall. Simply Jesus By N.T Wright Review: I read one of N.T. Wright’s earlier works called Simply Christian and found the volume spell-binding.  I had never before read an account of Christianity—in study …Read More

Purchase The Soul of Leadership from the Beliefnet Shopping Mall. The Soul of Leadership By Deepak Chopra Review: I’m a fan of Deepak Chopra’s books.  I remember reading The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success back in high school and feeling …Read More