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Blah… RAIN, rain GO AWAY! You make me sad and sleepy and very unproductive. Rainy days have a way of making me feel down. I figure it’s the lack of light and the lack of motivation to get up and go and do. It doesn’t really matter either way, they are just BLEH!

Really, the only thing I want to do on dull, gray, dreary days is sleep. But alas, I have put on my big girl britches and decided to at least write this blog. I promise I will not spend the rest of this time complaining about the weather. In fact, I will use this time to cheer you and myself up and hopefully motivate you to go out and do SOMETHING, anything, productive today!

In the words of my friends formerly, and now once again, known as Audio Adrenaline, “I get down and He lifts me up!” That’s right, the Lord lifts me up. When I get all emo and blue on these types of days, I really just need to take a second and realize how blessed I am. I get to see the Lord work everyday. That’s amazing! I have every single one of my needs taken care of. It’s incredible! I can’t help but perk up a little when I think about how great I really do have it. I have no choice but to be grateful and smile, because I don’t deserve any of it. My life, my every breath, my soul purpose for being awake today is God.

I feel much better now. I guess I just needed to remind myself of what really matters.  Rain, shine, sleet, or snow, my God is faithful. The least I can do is get out of bed and thank Him for giving me this day, and even this rain. Because like flowers and plants need this water to grow, maybe we people need it to remind us we’re still growing too? Hmm…

And if you just still can’t seem to shake those blues away here’s a little bit of happy to brighten your day!

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