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What is inspiring today? Well, for me it’s not the pile of work on my desk, although, the deadline for it is fast approaching. Instead it’s the new opportunity to do something creative and fun, it’s staring me in the face as I type. It’s really taking a lot of restraint not to jump the gun and just dive in. I love it when I get to be creative and try something new! Especially when it’s a challenge, like this opportunity just happens to be….

WAIT! AMANDA, YOU MUST YOU MUST DO YOUR WORK, only THEN you can doodle away and work on the FUN stuff. That’s right! I said doodle! Because, I have my first shot at a REAL illustration gig!! You may not know me well enough yet to know that I am an artist in my non-existent free time, but I am. I paint, draw, sculpt, illustrate… you name it, I’ll at least try it! I even did mosaic once. You can see it in Aaron Shust’s music video “To God Alone”. Now that you understand the artsy side of me, you can probably see why I am chomping at the bit to get started.

There is just something about working with my hands and making something appear that didn’t exist before that I find so inspiring and relaxing. It’s not work for me. It’s almost therapy! Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy writing too, and it seems that’s primarily what I do for a living now, but it takes a lot out of me. Creating visual art seems to happen naturally for me, I can communicate my purpose clearly without saying a word.

It’s through my love of creating things that I think I have finally begun to grasp the depth of God’s perfect love and will for His people. When I think about pieces of art that I have worked endless hours drawing, molding, pushing and pulling… in the end, I’m proud. I stand back and think, “Wow, that is even better than I thought it would be.” I appreciate it, even with its flaws, because I understand what it took to create it. I can’t help but think that’s how God must look at us sometimes. We’re imperfectly perfect. We’re a symbol of countless thoughts, calculations, modifications, and gallons of blood, sweat, and tears. We are His work of art. I like to think when He stands back and takes a look at us that He thinks, “Wow, they are as wonderful as I thought they would be.”

And it’s nice to think of myself as a work of art sometimes. Being a woman I know it’s pretty normal not to view myself that way. We’re so critical about how we look, talk, and act. But isn’t it nice to take a look in the mirror and remember that God took the time to think us up? From the number of hairs on your head, freckles on your nose, and toes on your feet, everything about your body, personality, and life was designed especially for you. When He looks at us He sees a masterpiece, and I think it’s okay for us to look at ourselves that way every once in a while too.


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