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Have you grown tired of the media headlines telling you what this or that person “should do” about the latest controversy? He should arrest that person. She should sue that guy. This company should be avoided. That location should be …Read More

I live in Chattanooga, Tennessee, America’s “most Bible-minded city” as well as the city with the nation’s highest percentage of church attendance. Yet these accolades offered little help to many of those struggling in the city’s urban center. For example, …Read More

At one point in our nation’s history, being called a Christian was a good thing. At some point, the word “Christian” became less desirable for many, leading to alternative terms like Christ follower. Now the trend seems to be to …Read More

Let’s face it: Mondays can be tough. Whether it was a long weekend or a difficult work or school situation to face, Monday is the day the most people crave staying in bed rather than charging forth to slay dragons. …Read More

Abraham Hamilton III, a husband, father of five wonderful children, lawyer, home-school dad, and a Bible Teacher. He now serves American Family Association as its General Counsel and Public Policy Analyst. Abraham also hosts “The Hamilton Corner” on Urban Family …Read More

A new Barna Group study is receiving attention for noting Generation Z–today’s 13-18-year-olds–are twice as likely to identify as atheist or LGBT. However, another aspect of the story reported by Christianity Today notes another concern: One out of five teens …Read More

[Note: This is the third in a three-part series. Part 1 and Part 2 are also available.] What is the heart of true activism? We’ve looked at six traits Jesus communicated in his Sermon on the Mount. However, there is …Read More

What is true activism? In my previous post, I noted that in his Sermon on the Mount, Jesus starts with teachings rooted in the Old Testament and offers a higher standard related to our inward motives. Between his section on …Read More

Do you realize an increasing number of “activists” are paid positions? You can find these positions on websites like or by searching for activists. Other positions are listed at Craigslist and similar sites to find everyday people looking …Read More

Many of us say we want to live out our faith, but how do we go about it? Instead of accusing the church of being full of hypocrites or highlighting the problems in the contemporary church, what if we focused …Read More