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Human trafficking is a crime–and one that involves a lot of money. Unfortunately,, a web property owned by Village Voice Media, is helping foster this tragic epidemic.The reason it continues is because people like you and me fail to do something about it.So here’s our chance.

Some time ago, I joined and promoted a petition on this issue. To date, 66,151 people have joined. If you haven’t yet, please take two minutes to do so. You’ll be glad you did.

The information and link to the petition is below.

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Why this is Important

Sex trafficking of girls and boys on, owned by Village Voice Media, is becoming a disturbing trend.

A Georgia man was arrested for pimping two 17-year-old girls around the Nashville area. Detectives responded to a suspicious ad on and drove to a motel. There, they found the teens and their 37-year-old pimp, as well as a laptop computer, likely used for the online advertising. Just four days prior to that, four people in Denver were arrested for forcing a teen girl into prostitution. They also advertised her sexual services, including semi-nude pictures, on Backpage. And last year, a South Dakota couple was arrested for selling underage girls for sex on …. wait for it … yet again.

Village Voice Media has a moral responsibility to ensure that young girls aren’t being abused in the commercial sex industry with help from their website, and that they aren’t facilitating human trafficking.

Now, a rising movement of people of many faiths and backgrounds, motivated by their shared moral convictions, are taking action to end this practice.

Please join us in demanding that Village Voice Media –’s parent company – stop the sex trafficking of minors on by shutting down the Adult section of the website.

Petition Letter


Stop Providing a Platform for Child Sex Trafficking on

Dear Mr. Larkin and the Village Voice Media Board of Directors,

Please shut down the Adult section on and stop providing a platform for the sex trafficking of girls and boys.

Additional safeguards are unlikely to entirely end the practice of minors being sold on the site. For us, one child sold for sex is one too many.

Please follow Craigslist’s lead and get out of the adult services business immediately.

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