A Touch of Encouragement
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Sparked by a dinner conversation with her children while playing Table Topics, Martha Williamson was reminded of God’s enduring love through her child’s words.

As Martha Williamson deals with the issue of what she should allow her children to watch on television, there is one word that will always make her change the channel – “whatever”.

After hearing a beautiful passage by Robert Louis Stevenson, Martha Williamson was reminded that even in our darkest and weakest moments, there is a way to bring joy to the child in each of us.

In this charming story about her children’s recent Sunday school project, Martha Williamson was reminded of how wonderful it is to know how much you mean to someone.

In this touching video, Martha Williamson tells the story of how her young daughter loved a caterpillar and the lesson that no matter how big or small, learning to love has to start somewhere.

What are you still learning? Martha Williamson reminds us that everyday is a chance to start over and imagine all of the colorful possibilities.

Should she eat it or marry it? When it comes to choosing the right people in our life, Martha Williamson reminds us not to settle, but rather to always look for those who see the best in us.

A child discovers God for the very first time. Martha Williamson learned early in life that even amidst our deepest fears, God guides us through every dark room we encounter on our life journey.

What did you dream? Martha Williamson recalls a childhood memory of swinging on a swing in Colorado and dreaming of the future yet to come. And today she encourages each of us to remember that kid we once were and …Read More

Do you listen with your head or your heart? Everyone says “I love you” in different ways. In this touching video, Martha Williamson shares a collection of children’s descriptions on what love means to them.