What do you believe?
10/3/2001 1:53:21 PM
I am sorry ..I wrote your name wrong, I meat whoopsiedoop: But then there are people like you who imply that Palestinians deserve what is happening to them they deserve their mothers and sisters being raped everyday, their houses being destroyed, their sons being killed! And it is people like you who are responsible for what happened to us on sep 11th!every nation has a black sheep Osama ben laden is one and so are you !
10/3/2001 1:50:17 PM
this for whoopsiedog:
Although muslims are suffering for years ,But still you will see alot of them feeling terrible for what happenenedt at WTC.there are'nt that many people who think that America got what it deserved becAuse no innocent people deserve to be killed like that same goes for Americans .Of the Politically literate americans there are alot of them who say that they are not proud of their country's foreign policy and they are the good Sweet Americans who don't like to see anyone in trouble Let alone their own taxes being used to kill innocent people.They are the people that make this contry so amazing and they are the people that AMERICA should be be proud of.
10/3/2001 1:57:57 AM
i'm sorry about the bad mouthing. it wasn't meant that way. we have a sense of fair play that most of the world doesn't have and which i'm most proud of. i hate it when that sense is manipulated and exploited.
10/2/2001 10:04:19 AM
Whoopsiedoop !!!
That was wonderful. I think a few Americans feel if they can use big word they're an intellect, philosopher, or writer. But they don't reflect most Americans-please no more name calling Americans. I'm one.
10/2/2001 3:00:09 AM
P.S. If you think violence is a fitting expression of exasperation, I take it we have to flatten those people to get your understanding. I'm sure you will have plenty of opportunity to exercise your compassion and understanding in the near future. What I can't understand is why you don't already do so, by your own reasoning, or whatever you want to call it. Regardless, since you DO understand and champion the other side, my real question is why do you live, work, and prosper here, rather than joining them.
10/2/2001 2:40:40 AM
How come you're not over preaching love and selflessness to those Palestinians, huh? Because they won't make you rich on that, the way idiotic Americans do. But, you do have an opportunity to BE loving and selfless. I am unemployed. Will you give me half your income? Or, maybe you just don't feel I'm desperate enough. Well then, do you give half your income to murderers and thieves, and follow the advice you so cavalierly and hypocritically give others in exchange for bucks? You're a drug dealer, Mr. Keen, plain and simple. And you should be made to swallow your own poison. I certainly won't.
10/2/2001 2:40:12 AM
Unfortunately, they are not ready for democracy, and when we DO go after a tyrant, like Saddam and the Taliban, you and the rest of the world says how cruel it was of us to do so. And you want Israel to let the Palestinians, who were thrown out of Jordan, a land of their own people, who were never a country and aren't now because they have no capability and responsiblity to be so, who are part of the people who have vowed, in public, in a United Nations document, no less, to throw Israel into the sea, and who have attacked Israel over and over to HAVE THEIR OWN COUNTRY???? I'd rather recognize the Mafia and give them New Jersey as a sovereign state. (to be continued in next post -- over word count)
10/2/2001 2:38:29 AM
Dear Sam Keen
Please go to your beloved Arab nations and give them your fine advice. Oh? Ya can't, can you. Only American idiots will pay you for destroying us. Over there your tongue would have been cut off long ago, like it should have been. And you still think we're the problem? Who puts your thoughts into sentences, because with that level of intellect, I don't see how you could have even mastered an English word. Yeah, I'm really going to listen to what followers of a liar like Bin Laden have to say. And I'm not using liar loosely. Have YOU read what he has to say? If the Iraquis could accept Saddam to the point where they got mad at US for trying to get rid of him, they deserve him -- but we don't. As for supporting Kings and Tyrants, if you knew anything about what you're talking about, then you'd know that these countries have had civil wars and killed each other for centuries.
10/1/2001 11:32:58 PM
The idea that we should stand aside, wait, or whatever, in defending against the terrorists, makes me recall Neville Chamberlain. After Chamberlain spouted "Peace in our time", we got Hitler and WW II.

There is no place in this world for those who attack civilian objectives. Having done it, they are responsible for the civilians in their country who will suffer when we destroy their means to wage war on us. They have declared war on us; we must respond as in war. The objective of war is to destroy the enemy or his will to fight. We must make it so painful for terrorists, and those who support them, that they will never want to attack us again. If we are not prepared to attack countries that passively harbor or support terrorists, then we should isolate them from us economically. We have been willing patsies for too long. All countries must know that if they are not with us, they can make their own ways in the world.
10/1/2001 8:02:25 PM
Hey Peter S - I don't known what you've been smoking bud - but can you lay off the apocalyptic crap.
10/1/2001 7:19:17 PM
Here's why the U.S. can't abandon Israel: if they do, Israel will be forced to attack and destroy the surrounding hostile countries in self defense just like it did in 1968. If this happens, Israel will win, something that is well known in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt. This time it will mainly be Lebanon and Syria that pay the price. Israel is also nuclear capable, and they don't think they won't take down Iraq just for good measure, either.

The palestinians are flat out wrong because they believe that they can use bombs and snipers to kill innocent civilians in order to achieve political goals. They are using the media and left-wing press to make it look like theyre the vicitms, but even Arafat knows that it's not helping anything.

Isolating Israel will be the last thing that happens before total nuclear war.

10/1/2001 5:22:32 PM
TO msspurlock, regarding
"Arafat and his kind"
IMO it is exactly that kind of generalizing and dehumanizing perception that allows a group to do things like slaughter 6mil. jews in Europe or hijack a plane and fly it into the WTC. If you don't see people as being just like you, but instead see them as "Them" as opposed to "Us" then you're in interesting company.
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