Sandra Nunez, Age 48
Capella University
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Human Services — Management of Nonprofit Agencies

What did you think when you found out you won?

At first I thought it could not be happening, I wasn’t sure someone was pulling a fast one on me. But then after I realized it was real, I cried, I thanked God, I thanked God, and I thanked God for His Infinite Goodness!  Immediately after that I sent an email thanking the award decision committee.

What are your education/career goals?

My educational goals include the successful completion of a Ph.D. in Non-Profit Management, that it may facilitate my understanding of how to run a Non-Profit Agency for the empowerment and benefit of others, and involving greater-good service projects worldwide. 

Why did you apply for this scholarship?

I saw an opportunity, as they say: opportunities may not come again, so I figured I had nothing to lose but a few minutes of my time.  I took a few minutes, said a small prayer and then submitted it. I am sooooo I glad I did!

What advice do you have for other adults going back to school?

JUST DO IT! (JDI)! Higher education should appeal to everyone, particularly at a time like we are living in the present, when the economic downturn has had definite deleterious effect on the vitality of the entire nation [communities, families, individuals alike]. Higher education helps build individual character and structures future social networks for the individual. Not to mention, it is the gateway to a better economic opportunity that is the mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing of the individual and his/her family.  Intellectual nourishment also helps feed the soul, helping it to take one from the lesser self to one’s greater self! – this being the most incredible accomplishment of all.

Any last thoughts to share?

Yes. Never stop believing, learning, and growing. Always be thankful for everything you have, and for even the things you’d rather dismiss in your life. Remain hopeful and grateful and you will see the magic of miracles in your life. Do not forget, miracles are not the suspension of a Natural Law, but the implementation of a Superior Law when the universe sees there is merit involved.

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