Lori Brosseau, Age 40
Capella University
Master of Science (MS) in Education — Early Childhood Education


What did you think when you found out you won?

I couldn't believe at first. I honestly never though I would be able to afford getting my masters degree. Next, I wanted to tell my kids right away. It may sound hokey...but my son and daughter had been asking God to help me win it in their bedtime prayers. When I told my son, Michael, who is five, he said, "I prayed for that!"

What are your education/career goals?

Although my aunt and a good friend have told me I must be losing my mind to go from nurse to teacher, I want to teach mentally or physically challenged children.

Why did you apply for this scholarship?

I believe if you keep trying and looking for the good moments in life, wonderful things do come your way. I take what I get and use my talents, abilities, resources to their best but I am always searching for new avenues to improve things for my family and I. 

What advice do you have for other adults going back to school?

If it has been a while since you have participated in academic studies you will feel rusty, maybe even washed up but don't give into that "I'm too old for this" garbage. Working through it can invigorate your mind and keep you thinking young.

Any last thoughts to share?

They ran a "Kudos" blurb on my scholarship win in "Mommy Magazine" here in Sarasota and Manatee counties. I hope their mention of Project Working Mom gets other local mothers to enter next time. I instruct private caregivers daily and many of them could really use a scholarship and the shot of self-esteem that would come with winning. Often they are working mothers that work 70 hours a week with no benefits, little familial support and little hope of something better. They are a very patient, nurturing, selfless group of individuals. I wish I had something more to offer them.

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