Thank you for participating in Beliefnet's site design exercise. Your answers will help us better understand how Beliefnet should be organized and will help make it easier for readers like you to use the site.
What to do:
In this exercise, you will sort each of the items on the left into a folder on the right side. The items on the left are all articles or other features that have appeared on Beliefnet. We would like to you to sort them into sections, based on what area of the site you would be most likely to go to in order to find that particular article or feature.
You will assign each of the items in the list on the left to one of the category boxes on the right. To sort, simply drag the items from the list and drop them into folders. You will create each folder on the right and give it a category name. It is fine for groups to contain only one article in them, if that's what makes sense to you. This is just a sampling of articles and features on our site.
What items belong together? Think of a grocery store -- milk, cheese and butter are in the Dairy section and apples and oranges are in the Fruit section.
Name each group with a word or words that describe the contents. You may want to categorize them according to some of the following terms (but you are also welcome to choose your own terms): Faith, Entertainment, News, Inspiration, Health, Holistic.
These categories should be used as a guide only. It will be more helpful to see the category names that you come up with on your own.
There is no right number of categories, but we suggest limiting it to about 7 or 8. Make sure that you think about how the items relate to each other. If you have a group with a large amount of items, you may be able to split it up. It is fine if you end up with a category that only has one item in it.
Some items will make sense in more than one category. This tool, however, will only allow you to put an item in one category. You should put the item in the category that you would go to FIRST to see the article or feature.
This exercise should take you 30-40 minutes.
-You must complete the survey in one sitting. There is no way to save your work without completing the full sorting process.
- You must click the 'submit' button at end of sorting.
Thank you for your help!
Beliefnet Team