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New York, NY – April 21, 2009 –, the leading multi-faith online community for spirituality and inspiration, announced today the exclusive debut of GODWINK STORIESTM, a new web-only video series created by SQuire Rushnell, bestselling author of the “When GOD Winks” book series. Godwinks are serendipitous moments—some people call them coincidences—that Mr. Rushnell considers messages of assurance, “a wink,” from God. His enormously popular book series has resonated with mainstream America and has created a word-of-mouth phenomenon. GODWINK STORIES videos are available only at:

The GODWINK STORIES video series on features bite-sized original video segments, approximately two to three-minutes in length, with two new episodes broadcast each Monday and Wednesday. In these upbeat, entertaining and personally candid video vignettes, Mr. Rushnell steps in front of the camera to share inspirational true stories from the “When GOD Winks” books. Each heartwarming video features SQuire, speaking from his home in Martha’s Vineyard, sharing astonishing stories of real people from all walks of life, as well the stories of celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Barbara Streisand and Denzel Washington and historical figures such as Mark Twain, and Abraham Lincoln. SQuire’s aim is to inspire others to recognize the godwinks in their own lives and discover a sense of peace and certainty that they are never entirely alone.

“Especially in times of uncertainty like today’s economic crisis, it helps to believe that our lives aren’t just random, but that we all have a greater purpose, and that someone really is watching over us,” says SQuire Rushnell. “As the largest online community for inspirational entertainment and networking, Beliefnet is the perfect home for GODWINKS STORIES to take flight. We’re extraordinarily happy to launch these video vignettes exclusively at”

SQuire Rushnell has authored three best-selling books in the series: When GOD Winks: How The Power of Coincidence Guides Your Life, When GOD Winks On Love, and When GOD Winks At You. The fourth, which was just published, is When GOD Winks on New Beginnings. He’ll be making a special appearance on ABC’s Good Morning America this Friday, April 24th to share one of his favorite stories and talk about his newest book.

“SQuire has an uncanny ability to recognize special connections and insights into everyday events that can subtly or not so subtly change the course of a life, or open a door to wisdom, a great love or a great opportunity,” said Beliefnet’s Family and Inspiration Editor Laurie Sue Brockway. “SQuire is an awesome storyteller, and one of the most popular and inspiring voices of our day. We look forward to sharing his eye-opening and heartwarming GODWINK STORIES videos.”

Beliefnet is the largest multi-faith based website in the world and a top ten family web destination in the United States. GODWINK STORIESTM is the latest addition to Beliefnet's varied menu of interactive features which offer inspiration and insightful commentary from a variety of inspirational voices covering a wide range of topics that include religion, politics, entertainment, parenting, pop-culture, mental health and more.

About SQuire Rushnell As a veteran ABC Network Television executive, SQuire Rushnell was father of the acclaimed Schoolhouse Rock series and ABC Afterschool Specials capturing 75 Emmy Awards. After the tragic events of 9/11 he left his six-year position as a cable network TV President/CEO to follow a life-long dream to be an author/inspirational speaker. Today, Rushnell is the bestselling author of the “When GOD Winks“ series—a word-of-mouth phenomenon—and Couples Who Pray: The Most Intimate Act Between a Man and a Woman, a joint compilation by SQuire and his wife, comedic-impressionist and TV host