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Thomas Moore
Best-selling author on spirituality, psychotherapist, lecturer, Beliefnet columnist

Thomas Moore is an author, psychotherapist, and lecturer who has published many books and articles in the areas of spirituality, archetypal and Jungian psychology, religion, mythology, relationships, and the arts.

Moore lived as a monk in a Catholic religious order for 13 years. A former professor of psychology, he has a Ph.D. in religious studies, an M.A. in theology, and an M.A. in musicology. He lives in New England with his wife, the artist Joan Hanley, and their two children.

Some of his books include "Soul Mates," "The Soul's Religion," "Care of the Soul," "The Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life," "The Education of the Heart," "The Soul of Sex," "Original Self," and "Meditations."
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"Care of the Soul"
By Thomas Moore

"Soul Mates"
By Thomas Moore

"The Soul's Religion"
By Thomas Moore